Hope for us all; Library waives man's $2,682 late fee

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    Man Returns Library Book 21 Years Overdue
    Jake Karle Not Fined For Very Late Book

    POSTED: Friday, April 17, 2009
    UPDATED: 9:07 am CDT April 17, 2009
    SAN ANTONIO -- In 1988, "Die Hard" hit movie theaters, Ronald Reagan was president, and Jake Karle checked out a book from the San Antonio Public Library.

    Then a high school Sophomore, Karle checked out "Here Comes the Robots," a book about computers and robots.

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    On April 16, 2009, Karle finally returned the book, which he stumbled upon recently while going through boxes during a move.

    "I ran across it several times in the past but I've never really done anything about it," Karle said.

    Karle said it's ironic that the book is about robots because he now works with robots at the Toyota plant.

    Given a late fee of 35 cents a day times 21 years, Karle technically owed a library fine of $2,682.

    Lucky for Karle, the library had already written off the book and accepted the book without penalizing him.

    "We can always work out a payment plan if it is a larger fee, but the main thing is we want people to keep using the library," said Imelda Moreno, a librarian.

    Karle applied for a new library card and promised that the next book he checks out will be returned on time.

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    thanks for the positive posts :heart:
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    Don't they just make you pay the fee for the book if it is too late...?
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    Libraries are awesome.
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    Just saying.
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