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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by nezumiceplak, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. nezumiceplak

    nezumiceplak Member

    I started self harming quite a while ago, and I managed to stop for quite a long time due to the people around me. But lately, it's started again.
    At first I was so frustrated that I dig my nails into my arm as hard as I could [and they're sharp enough to draw blood] and realised how much I missed the pain.
    Since then I've used anything sharp I could find, like a razor.
    No one ever see's my cuts, but I wish I knew how to explain how I was feeling about it all. I don't really want to die, but the pain from cutting my wrists makes me feel better.
    But I don't want to have to cut my wrists open to solve frustration....
    I don't know how to stop for good.
  2. Twisted Sweet Lies

    Twisted Sweet Lies Well-Known Member

    It's always really hard to stop once you've started again. I stoped quit a few times but I have always gone back to it. Sometimes I wounder if it's even possible to stop for good. I once went three months with out it and I thought I was done with it for good but then I started again. However it's been five months sense I last cut and I have found some good tricks. First when you stop don't let yourself have any kind of pain not even digging nails into your skin becuase then you will just relize how much you want it and you will be more tempted to go back. Next once I get an urge to cut I switch up my thoughts. Think about any random thing to get my mind off of it. Once you have stopped for a few months fighting the urges become easyer (or at least they did for me) then the urges become less and less as you learn other ways to cope. For me a big step that helped me to stop was learning to love myself instead of getting mad at myself for every little thing I messed up on. Maybe thats what all cutters need to learn. I don't know just a thought.
  3. altek001

    altek001 Well-Known Member

    the main thing is substitution. changing the feelings you get and how to act differently than you do when you do cut.

    it worked for me..until tonight.
    poor hotel.

    hope you find something to while away the time.

    - Henry
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