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Hope to die soon.

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Im going to blow out my brains! there really is nothing any body can do to help me. I could be the richest man alive and have any thing I wanted and I would still feel this way probably. I hate earth period. especially hate full and combative humans. (deleted by sadeyes) I dont want to get better I just want to die die die die die!
where the fuck is a pro choice site? why the hell does some one want to force me to live even though Im miserable and a failure and will probably live off ssi for my whole life and have no friends. lets be honest i would be better off dead, and either way death is quicker and easier. does some one honestly care wether I live or die? and if so then why? I dont do any thing for them .this is not a permanent solution to temporary problems to me. my happy meter is like this |suicidal|.V...................................|happy| . lol
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Hi and i am so sorry things are so rough for you right now...and yes, ppl do care; they care out of a humanistic desire to not see anyone feel alone, and in the hope that the other feels this caring...I am not an altruist...helping in this way, allows me to give back for what i have received, both here and through the love of others...and for the record, i was one hair away from my exit when i first came here...so plez PM me if i can be there for you...you are worth it to me and to many other ppl here, i am sure...caring hugs, Jackie

PS: had to edit your request from your thread as it did not conform to the guidelines...again, big hugs
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