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Yes to both. My own family doesn’t
Family are forced on you, friends choose you. I only barely get on with my Brother, I cant stand my mum, I can only cope with my dad in short bursts... family is kind of like that, and this isnt just "hahaha oh you" kind of crap. My dad bullied my sister into self harm, beat me regularly, so did my brother, my mum is a vapid gullible idiot preaching any conspiracy theory her moron husband feeds her, and I think, yea, I still dont think my dad ever said he loved me as a son. This is family, it happens. Just because we are related by blood doesnt mean crap, we often end up hating each other.

It is your friends who count, those who choose you and who you choose, but the problem there is that the world is full of crap people. Here is good though, spend some time here and get to know people.

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