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Hope tommrow will be better

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by pammy, Jun 5, 2010.

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  1. pammy

    pammy Banned Member

    All my life I have been on my own with 2 abusive parents that used to cut me and sexually abuse me. I have tried to kill myself and I feel like hope is very far away for me. I found sf and I hope I can go on to live another day. I just live from day to day, thats all I can do right now. Is any one else out there just living from day to day in the hope tommrow will be better.
  2. Misfit

    Misfit Member

    I've found living day to day is the best way, yeah. No plans or aspirations, just drifting from day to day without any of those "I really hope X or Y happens today" thoughts that can set you up to come crashing down when it doesn't happen.
  3. Brandon

    Brandon Well-Known Member

    I probably haven't had nearly as rough a life as you, but I do know the feeling of living day to day, its what i've been doing these past couple weeks. You're a very strong person though, pam, and you've made it through A LOT of crap in your time here. I'm so glad that you are now taking positive steps to better your life. Keep up the good work, and soon, that tomorrow that you are hoping for will come.
  4. Teryan

    Teryan Active Member

    I know i live day by day hoping tomorrow will be better, and if its not, then i start to lose hope... doesn't mean i give in. Even the smallest, tiniest hope helps us fight through day by day until it gets better.. then the cycle repeats
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