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  1. lostthedream

    lostthedream New Member

    I used to be a member of this page for a completely different reason than why I have come back today. For most of my life I was plagued by depression and didn't want to be alive. I felt I was wasting a gift that I wish someone else could have used. Someone perhaps dying of a terminal illness and clinging to life whilst I was wishing it away. If you feel the same I just want to say one thing. Try to nurture your hope. There were times when I had the equivalent of one tiny cell in my entire body that believed it would get better, but that was all I needed. For the last few years I have been relatively stable. I didn't change anything. No magic diets or pills (tried all them). I just finally accepted myself for who I was (a good person who happens to have a mental illness) and tried to be kind to myself even when I was a mess. But my message is, don't give up on hope. Sometimes it will be all you've got. But I promise you it will be enough.
  2. Cooki

    Cooki Well-Known Member

    Just some weeks ago there was so little hope left for me. It's much better now, I'm not suicidal anymore, my only crisis is that I don't know wether I'm a child or if I finally grow up :D you are totally right, dream, hope is enough to survive :)
  3. youRprecious!

    youRprecious! Antiquities Friend

    That's wonderful to hear, and so very, very true. Just one tiny cell is all it takes sometimes, well done, such an encouragement, thank you for coming back and talking about it :)
  4. Sparrow91

    Sparrow91 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for reminding us that there is hope... :) I'm glad you are doing better
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