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    I just felt like saying it. There is hope. It truly gets better. Life may have been horrible for you in anyway possible, but somebody LOVES you. Sometimes the most random person that you barely talk to cares. So hold on, even when it seems impossible, even when it feels like nobody understands, like your world is crashing down, like your all alone, have faith. Because the person you least expect may end up being your savior. Just talk to someone, anyone. You can get better, but you have to take the first step. Talk to someone, anyone who you KNOW will listen. A friend, cousin, family member, teacher, anyone. And if all else fails or you just can't face anybody you know with your problems, talk to me, email me at nessie.for.love@live.com
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    nice one, well said.
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    thanks your right hope is always there just sometimes it hides itself that all. take care