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    I don't know if its just me having a hypomanic feel-good mood swing (I'm bipolar), but I've started a homeopathic and natural treatment suggested by a natural health doctor, and I've been feeling better!!! I'm so excited that maybe I'm finding a solution! I am usually incredibly socially anxious (another formal diagnosis), but the past week I've been able to make plans with people and follow through with some, and I've been able to carry on conversations with people I don't know very well without getting so anxious that I forget what I'm saying or don't hear them or start blushing or stuttering or shaking or something! I still got like that a couple times, but not as much. I'm so hopeful this treatment is working!
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    Can you share what this natural treatment is? I'd like to try it :D
    I'm glad you're feeling more hopeful! Keep us updated!