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    not that anyone would notice, but have been afk for a few days. been in real bad place with therapy and other crap. dont really remember the last few days, so surreal, decided to quit seeing dr. and luckily have a break from therapist due to a public holiday here so it kinda takes the pressure off. new exposure is even worse and i wast going to do it to day but i made an effort and fainted...no way i am going to do the hour session. almost grounded, so hope i can be of help to others here.

    we all know how evil life can be...but i hope we can all keep us in this dimension. thank you all.

  2. tweetypie

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    You are missed when you are not around hun but if you need time for yourself then its a must ! Im sorry you are finding therapy so hard and i send you lvoe and hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. lightbeam

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    *hugs* I hope you are doing better little by little.

    What is 'exposure' therapy?
  4. icequeen

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    i would have got through today ok if i had stuck to my guns and not done the exposure therapy, been kinda spaced out today like not here...but decided to be a dummy and do exposure, big mistake.

    lightbeam: exposure is a form of therapy where you face your demons, you get your anxiety levels up and keep at it until they drop in the belief that the more you face your demons/triggers the less effect they have on you or something like that.

    thanks for your support, i was just being a smart ass in pushing it tonight although i had made the decision to give myself a break as i hadnt slept all week. live and learn.

    am always here for those that need to scream once i am grounded.

    i say again, take care all and try and remember with every breath you take in, you take in life...and you breathe out negative thoughts..

    big :hug: to all.... thinking of you
  5. MoAnamCara

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    good to see you.

    (and p.s. it is noticed when you are not around!)
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