Hopefully tonight will be the night.

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If I Drunk Bleach, Would I Cry?
Once again, im contemplating suicide
Im So Tired, So Tired
Of This Thing Called Life.
They say im weak for wanting to die
What Do They Know ?
They Dont Understand.
Cry Baby Cry, Cry Baby Cry
Night After Night, Time After Time.
I cry most of all when the moon is high
Cos thats when i remember his love
Looking up at the night sky.
Dont Want Strength, Nor Hope Nor Peace

So you're going to commit...?

No, You Dont Understand.
I Dont Want Life.
So I Have No Alternative.
No Alternative.
But To Die.

I guess that should of gone in the poem section, its just i really want to try it tonight, but i dont know if i can, i keep imagine my familys reaction as they walk into my bedroom and there i am dead. And my bestfriend shes on the verge of a breakdown herself, i dont want to be the one that tips her over the edge. But i want to be selfish, when im dead i wont care. I want to do it tonight, tonight when i feel so brave. Look im crying again, I wish god would stop pissing on me and just kill me.

Hopefully tonight will be the night. Fingers Crossed.


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It's also selfish of me to wish that you wouldn't kill yourself tonite.:sad: Can't help but be selfish, tho, your life has value even if you can't see it. imho, that is!


I'm with least.

Every life has value, regardless. Seeing it in your own life is difficult when you feel bad enought to consider suicide. That's why posting is so important! Let others around you make you aware of the importance and value of your own life!

I'm going to be selfish as well, I don't want you to do anything bad tonight. I want you to stick around and stay safe as I'm trying to! Let's do it together

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