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Hopeless about returning to school

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So since last year, I have not been back to college. I'm not ready to share what happened, but it is one of the painful things in my life that left me feeling discouraged about my future. The thing is I want to return in January, but there are some obstacles that I am unsure I can get past.

I feel like I'm alone in my journey to return because my family isn't there, and I'm not sure anyone from the school will be understanding I hate sitting out semester after semester like this. I feel so hopeless and powerless to do anything to change this around.

I'm sorry for being vague about this, but I hope what I said makes a little sense.
I'm having a similiar (in certain aspects) situation but instead of school it's social situations. About 3 years ago, a close freind of mine betrayed me and publically humiliated me. My initial reaction was to just stay at home all the time but I just hated that everyone else was making freinds and getting close to one another. Anyway, now I'm making my way back in as much as I can by keeping my social goals in mind as I struggle. Maybe you could use your goals to help you work your way back into school. You can talk to us so you won't be alone.
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