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wild rabbit

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im surrounded by people who i either cant talk to or wont listen. Can t even see the shrink without someone sitting in to obseve cos when im high i make complaints so its a risk thing and im sic of it if she had done her job and made sure i hadnt stopped my meds then i wouldnt have got high but because i have a job im seen as immune but i cant do this antmore

wild rabbit

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i dont feel i can trust them, she prescribed new meds but i am not taking them because its a set up for something and i feel like im not able to ask for help getting very concerned about this site too, who is talking to hem, are people from my past coming on here i might as well be open about it because if you are reading thus for a laugh then you will be laughing anyway what difference does it make


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Sorry I went offline what do you mean by you cant take meds because its a set up? And what do you mean by you have concerns about this site? Im sorry you have to have more than one person in the room when you see the doctor but it sounds like its for your protection and your welfare. If you arent happy with this you could always get a different doctor or complain about the arrangement if you feel its having a significant impact on your care. Sorry you feel so bad xxxx


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This all sounds really bad but it is probably because you are not taking your meds. I don't think anything is a set up ,having someone sit in on consultations -you know how they like to protect themselves so if you have complained then they will be making sure everything is by the book . Please take the meds and give them time to work,because I am sure you are not hopeless or any of the things you said.
I am not sure what you mean about this site but I think it is a safe place and people really do want to help you.Please take care.
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