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  1. SongIsOver

    SongIsOver Well-Known Member

    I didn't know which forum to post in, so...here.

    There is just no real point (that I feel) to anything anymore.

    Too many times stamped down. It's futility.

    Way too many times, way too many years, and...pointless.

    I am tired of rah-rahs about starting over and keeping trying and blah blah. I'm done, I'm tired, I've just been squashed and stomped too many times. And there's nothing really left of me anymore.
  2. mark b

    mark b Well-Known Member

    hi. im not sure why you are feeling low. if you wish to tell us maybe some constructive help will find its path to you.

    i do understand how you can be though. my story, briefly, i wait 55 years to truly fall in love, get the most amazing job, be ok for money, actually think of a happy future.....then in two years totally screw up and loose everything. all gone..... i make my attempt to end my life.... but despite this im here posting support for others. so do post again please...
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    NO Hope is never gone hun never and you coming here for support is first good step I am sorry you are so low rightnow but you have fought back before you can again ok Keep talking to us
  4. SongIsOver

    SongIsOver Well-Known Member

    There's no way out & I've been crushed... Every battle had taken its toll and I'm just done with them. I've just had too much done to me.. Whittled away until there's nothing left. I can't care about this facade anymore. I have no desire to. There's just not another option besides doing what I can't do anymore. I reached out for help but it's not of a, nature to really *help.* Everything is futile.
  5. SongIsOver

    SongIsOver Well-Known Member

    And....it's bad enough I guess, even despite my nice new.Rx for xanax, that I was considering trying the a.d. meds they gave me an rx for... Even though I am strongly against them personally for myself, having found in the past they were ineffective or the side-effects were not acceptable to me. But I just looked this one up (generic for celexa), and the exhaustive plethora of side effects & warnings...are really wayyyyyyy beyond what I'd be willing to risk, and many are clear strong, serious potential to exacerbate conditions I already have & struggle with.

    So now, even more hopeless. I'm not willing to risk those meds.

    I can't find a way out a situation that's killing - killed - my soul. Nothing is really left of me..i feel dead inside, it's all too late and been a waste and a fail. I don't feel like anyone can understand. Too much on top of too much on top of too much. When is it ok to say "enough."

    Then there are all those "everything is a choice" and "choose to be happy" crud. And now it's all somehow that I "let" others define me, when it's their trying-to that's making me feel crazy....

    I know for a fact there's nobody who really cares about me just because I'm me. If they do, it's because they "need" me, but it's not because of who I am.
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