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The hopelessness from my depression is tearing me apart. I can't work hard on what I need to be doing because I'm feeling too hopeless like I wont acheive anything. But it's like a cycle because I'm depressed from not acheiving anything, and I'm not acheiving anything because I'm depressed. I try to break the barrier telling myself it's just a state of my mind, I know how to break the barrier. But I just cant and want to give up. :( can anyone help


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hey!this is a very common feeling i get from times to times...Ok here are some ideas

Let s assume you really suck in everything you do...Take a good look arround...How many people know how to do their jobs and are efficient at it?how many are good fathers/sisters/mothers/neighbourghs/friends etc. My point is that modern life is complexed and each one of us has been given certain roles without being asked for it...It s only natural that we are bad at many of them...Coz we all are..every1 u see arround has problems at achieving certain things....the question is how don t they get depressed about it?I think some people need to be efficient at certain things not for their own sake but in order to please others...The others have no demanding families and backrounds which makes them care less about succeeding certain things or be lenient with themselves

Most likely you don t suck tho...There are certain things you are skilled for......Depression makes u feel u are useless and therefore reduces your effectiveness...You should seek inside yourself.What is it that u like doing, or feel talented for? I bet you d say "nothing" or "i don t know".So may i suggest that u try hard to imagine [in full detail] your happy version of youself?what is your current state lacking of it?In that way, u ll find those things u need to work with.

last but not least it s REALLY important that u set small REALISTIC goals and give credit to yourself for efforts, even when they don t pay off...If u need to lose weight f.e. don t try to lose 20 kilos in 2 months, just try to eat a bit less, work out, lead a healthier life in the long run.And u must always be patient, no pain no gain

I hope i ve helped..If u need anything pm me


Cluster are you taking anything to help with your depression? That is the first step I think. And you might need to try a couple different ones to find what's right for you. I take zoloft and it works very well for me. Depression is a liar. It makes you feel that you are worthless and good for nothing. But that is a chemical thing, it's not who you really are. Get help for the depression and the real you will start finding it's way back to a level of sanity and yes, even happiness in spite of life's daily struggles. Besides finding the right meds to treat your depression, there is nothing like talking with others who understand how you are feeling. This is like the world's largest group therapy and it's free! I'm sending good thoughts your way...
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