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If you talk to me for long enough I will inevitably start talking about Space. Every aspect about what science has uncovered about the Universe that we live in is interesting to me. All of the mundane activities in your life can become the miraculous culmination of millions of unseen variables with the right perspective, and I support the world with more miracles over less every time.

Everything in the Universe is drifting away from everything else. The Universe is expanding. Actually, drifting is a bit of an understatement. The galaxies are actually hurtling apart at phenomenal speed, but because of the scale of the Universe, it still takes a long time to make much of a noticeable difference. However, we've discovered that the further away these galaxies get the faster we observe them moving. So as the distance between points increases, so does the amount of time it would take to travel between those two points, no matter how fast you are going. Let's say we are going the speed of light, a nice constant that will help us to visualize the situation. Eventually the distance and acceleration of these galaxies would make them too faint to observe. The light simply takes too long and covers too much space.

As humanity progressed we expanded the observable horizons. We've made maps and charted new shores, we took satellite photos of the Earth, we looked to the solar system, then to other stars in the Milky Way, then to other galaxies spread throughout the cosmos. If we don't wind up destroying ourselves, one day all we will have is records of these things. Perhaps not even that. Maybe in the time it takes for the rest of the Universe to wink out of view a new civilization arose, and they have no reason to believe their beautiful Milky Way isn't the whole of existence. Who knows what has already disappeared?

Every once in awhile you can catch me steal a glance up at the sky, taking in the star-speckled panoramic void. I hope I can catch you doing the same.
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