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Hormonal imbalance in men

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After delaying a proper physical for at least four years and having one kinda of springed on me two weeks ago, I got the test results back today. The only problem I have (which is really surprising because I am overweight, even my chlosterol was fine) is that I have 'male menopause' (I am not trying to be offensive thats what he called it). Apperntly my testorone level is extremly low for a 24 year old male and might have been the source of alot of my problems falling asleep in class, lack of motivation, no sex drive, even might have added a few extra pounds on my body because the fat wasn't being converted to muscle. So they gave me this gel that I put on my skin Testim 1% at 5 mg per day. One it looks like a steriod so I am a little nervous to use it two, I am very surprised that the answer to some of my problems are that simple. It feels like I had this for years but because I never took test (simple blood and/or urine) I never picked up on this, and I am very nervous going foward because this will defintly change my body. Also I am starting to get a little sentimental about what could of been if I found this while I was in school.
I wouldn't expect dramatic results from the testosterone cream. TRT or HRT at 24 is quite young. Your body will produce less testosterone on it's own with exogenous testosterone.

There are some ways you can increase testosterone production on your own. First off if you are overweight your body will produce less testosterone with fat there is more aromatase enzyme in fat cells which converts your testosterone to estrogen. Having a high level of estrogen will lower your testosterone. So cardio is your friend here. It's interesting because having a lower testosterone makes it easier for males to put on belly fat so it's kinda of like a snow ball effect. If you have a lowish level it makes it easier to put on weight and then that extra weight will even further lower your testosterone level.

Weight lifting(the heavier the better, but not too heavy to the point where you get injured) will increase your own bodies testosterone production.

Doing cardio after you do weight is the most beneficial way of doing things.

Also eating properly will increase your testosterone here's an article.


There are also many supplements which you can buy that will increase your own testosterone production naturally, through the HPA axis and stimulating the luteinizing hormone. This processes is telling your body to produce more testosterone on it's own.

Ashwagandha was shown to increase testosterone levels in deficient men by 40% over the course of 3 months. Tribulus is another supplement which can boost your testosterone levels. These supplements can be bought for fairly cheap online.

I'm not a doctor however I have a pretty good amount of knowledge on hormones, once you start HRT or TRT if you're on it for an extended period you're basically on it for life as it shuts down your own bodies production. If you can stimulate your own body to produce more testosterone through diet, cardio, working out, supplements and possibly even some drugs, then that is by far a better option.

There are also some drugs which may be able to help you hCG(Human chorionic gonadotropin), clomid, nolvadex, or even some aromatase inhibitors which will increase your own bodies testosterone production.

Even though your level is extremely low going on TRT at a young age is a big choice. If I were you I'd exhaust all options of trying to raise my testosterone naturally and if that didn't pan out I'd then go the route of testosterone replacement therapy.

If I were going to go the route of TRT I'd also suggest doing the injections as well as it is a more efficient way of getting the hormone into your system.

Fat is never converted to muscle, there is no process in which this happens you can burn fat off through cardio and/or eating less calories then you burn. Muscle is made through breaking down the tissue(weight training) and eating more calories then you are burning, a higher testosterone level can really speed up this process. If you're getting newbie gains you can burn fat through cardio and gain some muscle at the same time but once you've been at it for a while you can't really do both at the same time without really inhibiting your potential. This is why bodybuilders are either cutting or bulking.

Best wishes, Light.
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Hi hun i would follow the doctors instuctions okay get you feeling better and if you have concerns about the cream please talk to your doctor who will give you the answers to any questions you may have or fears okay.
The cream will help restore your levels to normal it won't be drastic change okay but talk to your doctor always okay so he and you keep open conversation on how to help you get back to feeling well again
It is important to get blood test done and get a physical at least once a year hun so things like this are not missed hugs to you
A few other things. A vitamin that helps with testosterone production is zinc.

Going ahead and taking the cream is okay but I strongly suggest also doing some of the things I listed as well. You could always take the cream for 3-6 months then recheck your levels. Stopping wouldn't hurt too if you've included some other things and check after you've been off for 2-3 months . See how your levels are without taking the cream, while incorporating other things.

Basically I'm saying be wary of just taking the cream indefinitely, if you can get your testosterone levels in the normal range without taking TRT that is without a doubt that's the best outcome. With that said the cream should help you feel somewhat better in the short term which may help motivate you to be more active and do other things.

Taking the cream for a few months isn't really going to do that much to your HPA negative feedback loop. I've heard about other guys going on TRT in their 20's.

Asking your GP to see an endocrinologists would also be a good idea. These guys are specialists in hormones.

Being active can really make you feel better lot's of people are on anti depressants when if they were doing moderate cardio 30-60 mins(heart rate around 140) a few times a week they would not need them.


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that is the reason why I am on this board, basically a health problem that has resulted in the testosterone of a 90 year old man

my other problem is I refuse to take medication of any kind

so I am fucked

amazing I have lasted this long
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