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horrible day :'(

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well i have a drunk bipolar brother he's 24 and he lives in new york with his father. we decided to take a family trip to disney world and he wanted to come so he came down to florida to stay with us. i was dreading it bcuz i hate him and we dont get along, he always criticizes my life and is mean to me for no reason! he's been so mean to me all my life! so today we went to disney world. the whole family has been fighting from the time i woke up till now. in the car he was screaming at mom telling her how much he hates her and when we were at the park he drank 3 beers and almost got drunk and he kept yelling at us, chasing us through the line screaming and cursing like a maniac. later in the hotel he said something mean to me so i called him white trash and he told me he would make me cry like last time :( so i told him to go die, when really im the one who wants to die. the family then got mad at me and went out to eat dinner without me. so i broke down on the grass and cried. what a horrible vacation! i cant stand this fucker and i know he's going to be staying with us for at least a week possibly the whole summer and i cant handle that! i have no friends to move in with so i was thinking maybe just living in my car until he leaves. i know its a bad idea but its either that or im gonna kill mysellf. ugh, hate my life
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