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horrible night

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by eme70471, Oct 7, 2010.

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  1. eme70471

    eme70471 Member

    i am not doing well right now. i want to hurt myself. i wish i would have killed myself years ago when i knew i could do it... now, i just feel stuck. i don't know if i have the guts to do anything anymore. i don't want to go to sleep because i do not want tomorrow to come.

    nights are always so hard. i was abused when i was younger and most night i relive a piece of that. i don't feel safe. i feel like i am in my childhood bedroom hiding under my bed, crying, praying my mom doesn't find me. i am in college now so i know she's not really here but it so feels like it.

    i am scared to tell anyone the extent of what is going on. my friends do not understand and i don't want to bother them. i have been enough of a burden to them recently. so this intensifies my feelings of loneliness. life sucks... well, my life sucks. i'm sorry...
  2. HardLuck

    HardLuck Member

    From someone that was also abused as a child it may help you to know that those intense feelings do lessen over time. Have you spoken with a counselor?

    Please feel free to message me anytime you want to if you would like to chat.
  3. eme70471

    eme70471 Member

    i have and it seems to get harder every time i say something. i said something for the first time only a couple of months ago and it's been hell ever since then.

    thanks for your support! i just don't know what to do. talking hurts so much but so does silence.
  4. Dave_N

    Dave_N Banned Member

    Maybe you should try talking to one of your close friends about how you are feeling? Sometimes having some peer support might be helpful to just get it off your chest?
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