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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Angela30, May 3, 2007.

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  1. Angela30

    Angela30 Member

    What a sad story you have. Try and be possitive in life and accept things as they are. You have your whole life ahead of you. And you can make it wonderful, you just have to be possitive. Life can only get easier. My son too was in the Stupid Royal Alex Hospital and they really screwed him up bigtime. They found him hanging in his bathroom from the faucet on April 3rd, 2007. His doctor told me 1 week before he did this that my son was not suicidal and that he just has behavior problems and that maybe i should be looking at getting him into a group home or a foster home as they are not babysitter there. What a jerk! My son was suppose to be protected! But instead his Doc gave hime Prozac. Why do kids want to dye it just doesnt make sence. I love my boy so much, and would do anything for him. He is now lying in a hospital bed , and no one is able to tell me if he will recover or not. I just want him to come home. I just want that Doctor to be fired and I believe that you can make yourself happy even if you feel you have nothing to be happy for..... make something... take care....
  2. birdy

    birdy Well-Known Member

    hey angela
    i know what your talkin about, had the same thing done with me and a doc once.
    just wanted to say, i hope your son will make a full recovery, i really do

    such doctors should never be let loose on anypeople, especially not on people with problems such as your son had to deal with.

    my thoughts remain with you and your son
  3. sarahg

    sarahg Well-Known Member

    big hugs to you Angela,as a mother myself -feeling ur thinking of you
  4. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Staff Alumni


    I really hope your son makes a full recovery. I'm sorry you had to go through such a horrible experiance. No parent should have to go through this and i'm truely sorry that you had to go through this. But i personally think you are very strong to come through this, your boy is very lucky to have someone like you.

    I hope with all my heart he makes it through.

    Take care,

    Vikki x
  5. Angela30

    Angela30 Member

    My son has a coma scale rating of nine now. It has been 1 month and he still has very little response. This is not fair! I need to make sure that this doesnt happen to another child in that doctors care. I live in Edmonton Alberta and am wondering if there are any other people who have had a bad experience here with the doctors. I just want my boy to come home like this was all a bad dream. I pray every day as prayer is all i can offer to him. I love him so much and thought I was doing the best thing for him. The part that doesnt make much sence is that when they found my son hanging from faucet in the bathroom why didnt they investigate.?? The doc had told me that my son wasnt suicidal, so isnt it a bit suspicios that he would be hanging there?????

  6. Cestmoi

    Cestmoi Well-Known Member

    So, the doctor's to blame eh? :rolleyes:
  7. LucyLou

    LucyLou Member

    Can I just ask how old your son is?

    Hope things become clearer soon.
  8. Angela30

    Angela30 Member

    My son is 13.

  9. Angela30

    Angela30 Member

    What do u think? If your child was in a hospital for attempted suicide and the doctor tells you he is not suicidal... and lets his gaurd down. And you get a call from doc saying that your child hung himself? Who would you blame?

    Its not that I need someone to blame its that I needed help for my son and I thought that he was getting it in the hospital. He should have been watched and not allowed to have access to anything that he could use to hang himself.

  10. LucyLou

    LucyLou Member

    Im really sorry to hear about your son and i imagine that you are at your wits end about the whole situation.

    Do you have any other children? How is the rest of your family dealing with this?

    I can understand that not every doctor is a physic but what really annoys me about this is surely being an expert they would have seen signs or symptoms about your son, which could of possiblly helped to avoid this situation being as serious as it is.

    All doctors seem to care about is medication, medication and excuse my language but fucking medication!!! Why did the doctor not refer your son to some form of counselling?
  11. Angela30

    Angela30 Member

    My son went to counselling for a year before this inncodent. His counseller can not believe thaqt he would do this. Even the nurses in the unit where he was said that when they got the code on the unit they thought of two other kids that it may have been but not once did they think Shaun would have done that. Also about two weeks before they found him hanging from the faucet in his bathroom at the hospital Shauns Doctor said that he was not suicidal.... 13 yr olds dont kill themselfs.....

    Another thing that bothers me a lot is that I dont even know if my son hung himself ..... there was no investigation.

    He is still alive but in a vegetative state ... This is so hard for me to see him like this... he is my sweet 13 yr old and is in diapers, has a feeding yube in his stomache, has a trach, doesnt talk, doesnt walk, doesnt smile, .... Will he get better ? His doctor dont think so but she wont tell me for sure what his outcome will be.... Can I even trust a docots opinion anymore>?

    I am finding this whole situation so hard to accept. I have gained 60 lbs, my whole life is on hold, I cry so much and I just hate my life. How do I get answers ?
  12. justsomeguy

    justsomeguy Active Member

    I'm so sorry that you're going through this. If my mother was ever in this situation I'd want someone to set her straight so here's my feeble attempt at telling the truth as I see it, from what I've read of your posts.

    It's very likely that Shaun didn't want to live, and as painful as it may be to accept, you'll probably be better off if you accept that as fact. I'm certain that he wouldn't want you to live a miserable life whether or not if he present, so do whatever you can to be happy in his honour. He didn't have the strength to cope with his feelings so be strong for him. Live a happy life for yourself for him!

    As for trusting doctors, I believe that they do their best most of the time, but like anyone else they have their faults. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you can't put doctors on pedestals just because of their positions, but you should definitely give some credence to what they're saying.

    When Shaun's doctor said that he wasn't suicidal he was telling you the truth as he saw it, however no doctor is perfect and it would be very easy for Shaun to 'fool' him.
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