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Hospital question...

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by wonderer, Dec 23, 2007.

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  1. wonderer

    wonderer Well-Known Member

    I'm debating checking myself into the hospital after xmas. I figure I've go to try and hang on at least that long for my family. But I'm kinda concerned.
    First of all, will they even take me? I mean, I'm not hearing voices or anything, but I'm so depressed that its a huge stuggle just to say one or two words. And I really really want to kill myself. I keep thinking about that in a lot of really graphic detail that I won't share here.
    Secondly, if I do go, will they do anything but force me onto a shitload of antidepressants and drug me out of my mind? I've tried antidepressants before, and they all have made me REALLY sick to my stomach, even in really tiny doses, cuz my stomach is screwed up from my random disease that no one can pin down. They thought it was lyme, but treated that and I didn't get much better, so now they're running a huge panel of tests trying to find it... But I digress... Basically, I'm afraid to go back on antidepressants because of how sick they've made me before.
    Thirdly, has anyone found spending time in a psych ward at all helpful? I'm like totally out of other options here, but I've heard very very few positive things. Mostly I've heard they just drug you up and keep an eye on you and wait for your crisis to pass.
    Thanks guys
  2. fixintodie

    fixintodie Active Member

    don't do it. if you want the drugs, most likely they'll give you something quick to relax your nerves, like klonopin. try to visit a psych and obtain a prescription for the drug if thats what you want.
  3. mortdesinos

    mortdesinos Well-Known Member

    Well hey, I guess everyone's experience is different. First of all, though, I will tell you that they will admit you (if they have room.) Otherwise, hopefully you'll be able to find another one that has enough space for you. They like to keep most people for 7-11 days. Of course, some people stay longer, but that's another issue. They will put you on medication, and make you wake up in the morning, even if the meds they give you turn you into a zombie. Then there will be groups you can attend. Honestly, it sucks being locked up, but once you get out, you might really appreciate your freedom and everything else you have.. for a little while, at least, anyway. It was worth it for me. I don't know what I would have done to myself if I hadn't gone. And I came out feeling upbeat.
  4. geolab101

    geolab101 Well-Known Member

    i think it would be a good idea to go.

    at the hospital they take people who suffer from depression and those who are at risk of harming themselves.

    i went for 6 days.

    i found it very helpful.

    it still isn't a cure-all but definately is worth a go if you are having intense thoughts of self harm / suicide.

    i would recommend going.
  5. aqaq22

    aqaq22 Well-Known Member

    If they have a bed, they'll admit you.

    They will keep you from harming yourself.

    Good luck
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  6. freewill

    freewill Member

    hey, sorry you're feeling the way you are.
    I thought I would just point out to you that there is a thread in the general disorders forum about being an impatient where several people have gone into detail about their hospital experiences, it might be worth looking at.
    I hope you feel better soon
  7. Beamer1970

    Beamer1970 New Member

    If you're admitted to the psych ward(if that is what they call it) and you have a medical condition that prevents you from being in there, where do they put you and is there a possibility of finding a place anywhere in the country that i can go that is completely private, by myself, in my own room and not have to talk to a group of people? Also where can I find information about what it is like to be in one of these places?

    Thank you for any information you may offer:biggrin:
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  8. Ogre101

    Ogre101 Member

    Sorry to go off at a tangent Wonderer. I have a stomach condition and have had for the last 8 years. It only got diagnosed this year. I have a from of IBS "Over sensitive bowel syndrome". It also affects my medication and makes me violently vommit on certain meds. No idea what your condition is. The only way my diagnosis was given was from a trainee African doctor on a 6month placement. Apparently its very commen there.
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