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I am just wondering whether anybody has gone into hospital in Scotland/England on a voluntary basis?
Things have got really bad for me recently and I dont feel like I can cope anymore. I'm worried about myself. I think maybe I need to go into hospital or something but I am scared as I want to know what will happen there etc.


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I've never done it, but my ex flatmate went voluntarily to emergency as she wasn't feeling so great. She had a psych assessment done on the ward, and then when discharged was discharged with daily outpatients appointments for a couple of weeks. She said that the follow up care was quite good - although she saw different social workers when she went back, and some were more helpful than others.

I know that the Samaritans often tell you to take yourself to hospital if you are worried. My local hospital also has a program you can call out of hours like the Samaritans, I'm not sure if they would then admit you from that, but it would be someone to talk to?

Sorry I'm not much help




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It really depends on the hospital and staff. If you feel that bad go to the emergency department and ask to be seen. The crisis team will assess you and see what they say. Good luck. X


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Thanks for the replies.
I dont just want to turn up at the hospital. I wouldnt know what to say. I dont want to waste their time and take away from people who need treatment.


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You wouldn't be. If you need help you need help. I am sure they would rather you turn up as you are now than drunk having cut or od'd. They'll give you a lot more respect doing it on your own accord.

Another way you could possibly speak to someone would be to call NHS direct and get an appointment at your local emergency medical centre/out of hours doctor. But they wont be psych trained. You are better off seeing someone from a psych team and getting advice/treatment that you need. xxx


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Forgive my US-ness, but I can tell you that here, all you have to say is that you're suicidal. They may ask you if you have a plan and have the things you need to carry it out. If they think you are serious, they will admit you.

Or, if you have a therapist, or even just a regular doctor, you could get that person to call the emergency room and let them know you're coming and should be admitted. In the U.S. anyway, the doctor may direct you to a particular hospital where they have admitting privileges . . . I don't know if that's true where you live.

I hope that was at least a little helpful.


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They don't really like to admit over here. Even if you tell them you have a plan and methods. They prefer to work with you in the home. In a city of nearly half a million there are only about 40 female beds in the city and the same male. That also takes in surrounding cities which don't have psych wards. So probably looking at population of over a million and only a few beds. They will only tend to admit if you say I am going to go home now and do it. If you have a plan and it's in a few days they will usually work with you at home to try and get you to change your thinking. BUt saying that. The home teams are usually really good. If you do go to the ED you will be assessed by a nurse first (triaged) then see a doctor and then they will refer you to the psych team. If you tell them you are struggling about being around people they can sometimes find you a cubicle in which you can wait. Remember they also have the 4 hour rule. So from going in to being seen and discharged you should not be waiting more than 4 hours. OK I know it seems a long time but at least it gives you a maximum time frame that you could be waiting.

It's what I try and focus on when I have been in having cut before. I know that there will be an end and I will get out of there eventually.

If you are not feeling that you can hold out until Monday when you can get in to see your GP head on down to the ED and get seen by crisis team.

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