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My psychiatrist and therapist think I need to be in the hospital, but I just can't seem to go. Part of me thinks it is a good idea, and part of me is scared to death. I keep saying I can do this without going inpatient, but it's taking it's toll. I wonder if I am just stalling so I can make everything worse so then I have no choice? Like, I feel like I have to be really really sick or attempting before I can get help?? I dont know, I just want someone to make the decision for me. My head is too screwed up to think straight about what is best right now. It's just too much.
Hi and let me just start by saying I care about you. If you feel suicidal then inpatient would be a good option for you. I've considered it myself though haven't done it.
Speaking from experience it is best to go yourself don't let others make these decisions for u if you know you will end up going have it be on your terms it is easier to get out. Any questions just ask


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Snickers is right, you have to make this decision. If you sincerely think you can no longer fight this on your own, you should go to the hospital. Don't wait until you're MHA'ed or being rushed to the ER because you attempted. That is too late. The point of going is to prevent those things from happening. You don't have to wait to get worse before you feel justified in going; if you had a fatal illness, would you wait until you were near death before you finally got help? I've never sought help from the ER, but I know others do, and it helps, if for no other reason than it prevented you from attempting for a short time. If you think you need prolonged inpatient care, that can be very helpful. When you can't help yourself, you need to let others help you. The choice is up to you. The fact that you're posting on here means you've already taken steps to get outside help, and that's good. It shows you have the strength to fight this. If it takes time to make the decision, just remember that you are irreplaceable to the people who love you. If for nothing else, hang in there for them until you figure out what is best for you.

Only you can decide the right action to take. You may want to come up with new coping strategies on your own, or you may feel it's time to seek professional care. Whatever you do, do not wait until you attempt to get help. Whether it's a friend or the hospital, please don't risk your life before you get support from someone. If you would like, you can PM me any time. I will always listen. I know what it's like to want support and not have anyone to go to, so I will be here if you ever want someone to talk to. Please stay safe <3
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