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  1. dusk

    dusk Active Member

    I am a wife and mother of 2. I have no reason to be depressed, yet I am. I cant clean the house because my energy is so low, all I do all day is sleep, all housework falls to my husband. I am so sick of all this. I have been like this for years, with small breaks in between. I have tried literally all the SSRIs (so my dr. says), some antipsychotics and have had ECT. Only a few meds helped, but only for awhile. When I question if I am really depressed, I look back at the short, happy perods of my life, and I remember, that yes, I am indeed depressed right now. When I am not depressed I can clean and even organize the house. I am more active in my kids lives.

    I have been considering suicide. I know exactly the time of day I would do it (though I havent decided on a date), I know exactly what I would do, and have thought about writing a note. I want to die, but I dont want to leave my family alone. But the suicidal thoughts are now constant. I am torn.

    Do I need to go to the hospital or will they say Im just being whiny?
  2. nonamee

    nonamee New Member

    They won't say you're whiny, I'm sure.
  3. toshi

    toshi Well-Known Member

    No, I don't at all believe they will say that. You're hurting, and people will try to help. Please ask for help.
  4. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    They won't say you are whinny, but it does not matter whether they do or do not. It is not about them, it is about you.

    You have a family and a home and things to live for. Depression can be caused by many things, from social circumstances to chemical imbalances to incorrect diet, goals, or activities. I work in the mental health care field and I can say that medications are only band aids and should be hoped for as temporary. What things are you doing beyond that to maintain wellness? Are you in any support groups? NAMI offers many groups where you can meet regularly with peers. Do you have interest in various activities outside the home? I often find that volunteer work can help inspire and assist in softening depression. What are your life goals? Have you achieved them? Can you set new goals and identify milestones along the way to measure your progress toward them?

    Go to the hospital if you feel you are in danger of yourself. Then, look for non-medication assistance so that the medication route can eventually go away.
  5. dusk

    dusk Active Member

    Thanks everyone.

    I have looked at the NAMI site and cant find anything in my area. Maybe there is something Im not seeing. I am exercising and trying to eat healthier. I dont think I could make it without medication.

    I dont have any interests anymore. I dont find any of my old interests... interesting. I do volunteer work occasionally. It helps me.
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  6. Lovecraft

    Lovecraft Well-Known Member

    Exercise is proven medically to be at least as valuable as medication in dealing with depression - do try and make a habit of it. Think about what sort of things you do when you're out of the episode and try, as much as you can, to do the same things. Brains are associative - in the same way that a certain smell can be linked to a memory a certain action or set of actions can be associated with a mood.
  7. aussiegal

    aussiegal Well-Known Member

    Do you really find exercise to be so beneficial? Just curious. Up until now it has not been an issue as I have not been able to exercise due to health problems unrelated. Maybe just at that point where i can consider it now tho.
  8. I am the finest example.. :)
    Aussie, try to run a bit.. :)
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