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  1. Faith&Hope

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    My best friends in the hospital, due to her mental health
    She told me she would be fine, I didnt think of how I would feel about it
    Im not even sure of the hospital shes at and I hate the not knowing of whats happening to her
    I am not sure of what I should do know
    I cant even let the tears fall no matter how much I try
  2. MisterBGone

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    They should have some visiting hours for friends and family. Going to see he or she--if you're up to it--can relieve a good deal of the uncertainty and help to put your mind at ease... Other times, it can be a bit jolting, if you've never been in a behavioral health unit before--because it's kind of like the movies (only it's not a movie). But it can be a big thing to your friend to show support, provided that they don't have a problem with you seeing them there. At least they know you care...
  3. Wastingecho

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    the hard part (and as someone who has also been hopitalized for depression in the past) is going to be remembering not to treat your friend as though they are contagious or something

    hope your friend isn't like i was - i refused to see anyone because i was too embarassed
  4. Rayless Twilight

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    Dear Faith&Hope-

    I myself and my best friend both are bipolars....she has Bipolar 1 and I am a Rapid Cycler. We both have had wonderful care in the hospitals that we have been in. They are very caring and helpful. I am just speaking from the hospital that we were at but I hope this can ease your mind somewhat. :courage:

    Rayless Twilight
  5. cloudy

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    she needs your support. so go see her and comfort her.