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  1. Sociopath476

    Sociopath476 New Member

    So just about a month ago I was released from the psych-ward(behavioral health unit) after my week stay for my suicide attempt. My experience was really positive. And every day seemed to be a day I looked forward to because we had therapy 5 times a day, loads of free time, and private sessions with our psychiatrist and pyschologist. Have any of you experienced anything like this or was your experience different? Have you been hospitalized in any way before for anything pertaining to self harm--suicide attempt, self-harm, anorxia, and so forth?
  2. SinisterKid

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    Hi and welcome to SF Sociopath. I went onto a psych ward, voluntarily, after my second attempt. The place was fairly new, purpose built, but was a long way from home making visiting almost impossible for my partner. There were no beds available closer to home.

    I arrived at 4.30am and the receptionist/ward nurse was lovely, kind, friendly and made me a cup of tea and talked to me for a bit. She then showed me to my room and then let me go to bed. I felt quite relaxed at that point. But I had no watch, no clock, no radio, nothing. I had no idea of the time until a nurse came to tell me breakfast was ready in the dining room. I didn't bother. I just lay in bed. About 10am I saw the psych for the first time. We talked and he decided to change my meds, stopping one completely, reducing another substantially and introducing a new drug in a small dose. That was that. he said we had to wait to see if the meds would help or not.

    I spent the first day just sitting around. I found a few books in a cupboard in the "lounge" and found something readable. The lounge was deserted. There were a couple of people just walking the corridors and that was that. I never had lunch or bothered with a evening meal. I just had cups of tea constantly. I was in my room again, no idea wha time it was again. I asked for a clock, but wasn't given one. I was on hourly checks, so thats the way I told the time when I was awake. Useless if I went to sleep of course. I was just reading all the time as there was nothing else to do. Nothing organised during the day or in the evenings. There was a quiz one evening, 3 people turned up. I saw a physio once and I saw the OT once and he did have a few things that I could get involved with, but they were an hour here and there.

    I spent the days reading and the nights playing poker by myself in my room without a clue what the time was. I had to go to the kitchen to find out the time. I never had a meal for 5 days. I wasn't told that, because I was a volunteer patient, I was allowed off the ward by myself anytime I wanted to.

    After 5 days I was so bored i decided enough was enough. The meds were not making any difference [the dose is now x20 and still not working] I was not getting any therapy whatsoever and there was nothing to do. So I told them I was leaving. After some discussions we agreed I would stay another day and then go home for the weekend and return the following Monday. We did that and I discharged myself into the care of the crisis team located in my home town.

    I will never return to a psych ward again, unless I am sectioned, meaning I would have no choice. I am really happy yours was a good experience that was helpful and it did you some good. Mine was the complete opposite unfortunately.
  3. Rockclimbinggirl

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    I was admitted involuntarily into the psych ward for suicidal thoughts. It was over a long weekend so there was nothing going on. For me the hospital was a way of keeping me safe. I spent my time reading and talking with the other people there. I also met a peer support worker and now I'm going to the support group that she runs.
  4. moxman

    moxman The "Perfect Life" YouTube channel is neat

    I was in a psych ward for about a month, in June-July. It was a VA (Veteran Affairs) hospital in Salisbury, NC. I met with a psych every morning and he put me on a bunch of new meds.

    I saw a counselor 3 times but it was very frustrating for me because the sessions only lasted 15 minutes. She would tell me I just need to do this or do that, but I have no idea how to do it. She might as well have told me to sprout wings from ass and fly around or something.

    There was a mixture of people, some were alcoholics or druggies and they were trying to get into one of the many VA treatment programs. Some were there because of PTSD and they were also trying to get into VA programs for PTSD. We had classes twice a day , rest of the time was free time. But the classes never once discussed suicide. So I stopped going to them. Turns out the VA has exactly 0 programs for people that are suicidal.

    I met other people that were there because they attempted suicide, <mod edit - methods>. Talking to them really helped me the most.

    The worse part of it was the first day I met my doctor, he mentioned that we can not send me home while I was having active suicidal thoughts. I thought ok great, I will really get some help here. Four weeks later I was discharged while I was still having active suicidal thoughts. It was all just lip service. I felt really ignored by the whole place. I told them everything I had suicidal ideations, a plan, and a timeline. I had the materials i needed to commit suicide, and they still discharged me. They sent me home on a lot of meds and I will not see a counselor or anyone else for six weeks.

    Honestly , without me finding SF , I would have attempted for sure. I was in so much pain, I just wanted it to stop. SF gave me a place to vent and talk to other people that don't get this crazy look in their eyes when you say the word suicide. SF is my safety valve I guess.
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  5. a_andrews

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    I am VERY glad you found SF! Having an outlet is HUGE - especially if you have a big gap between receiving treatment. Sorry to hear that your stay wasn't overly helpful. I spent weeks in the Psyc Ward because of an attempt. The first few days i was left alone - met with the Dr every morning and we discussed / changed medications. When you are admitted because of suicide attempts / ideation, the goal of admission is safety. Obviously the hospital was the safest place. The lack of treatment / therapy is unfortunate but again, the main goal is safety. I am very thankful that I was unsuccessful and that I was given a second chance. Still a VERY hard and daily struggle BUT, am working at it. I hope to never return to a psyc ward.
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