hospitals still suck big time !!!!

Discussion in 'After Effects' started by skyred, Mar 13, 2011.

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    Yesterday i finally got out of the maze of people with hospital. Last time i was here i was exhausted from nightmares and no slee and some other things. Why is it they seem to hit me all at once??? Im sorry f i ofended anyone by insults or whatever. I think i was mostly angry at myself so i took it from here to me! Messed myself up big time this time but i dont really care. Whats the damned point when it all comes back to this crap!!!??? I didnt eat while i was there and i didnt participate in all their little meetings. I didnt take the meds they gave me. so they said i couldnt get out !! so i played along with them to get out, Now im out!!!! Sorry to say its pretty much the same. Wierd...The anitdepressants they put me on were some of the ones that really didint work for me to start with....but im taking the shit !! Actually i want to go back to the hospital again. there i can not eat or take meds and just die there. I mean whats the point of "getting out" if out is just as bad or worse??? Anyways im sorry to anyone of you that i offended. One good thing being there was i got some sleep cause they injected me with some drug that made me sleep without seeing all the horror and crap.

  2. They will make you go through ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) if you don't eat food and eat the meds they give you.. In my country, ECT was used as a last resort.. I hoped you can just go to your psy dr and let him know that the meds they give you are not working and ask for a change of meds.. Let them know so that they can prescribe correct meds for you.. Don't fake anything just to get out of hospital when you know that you are still unwell.. Take care and :hug: The meeting in the hospital is for you to open up and talk about your problems so that they can help you.. If you keep quiet and don't join in, they have no idea what's wrong and they will mistook you as anti-social.. I was mistaken as one when i refused to go for their meetings.. :unsure:
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    Most hospitals are inadequate, some actually know what they're doing.

    The general rule is to utilize private hospitals, not state hospitals, which have under-qualified staff. No one wants to work in a state hospital, and they don't pay anything to their staff.

    In any case, sorry you had a negative experience, and I hope you find a hospital that you can agree with.
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    Depends where you are. In the UK the NHS pays better than most private companies. I worked in both private and NHS and found the NHS to be much better and they hired staff who cared about the patients. It depends how high up you are in staff though. In UK the nurses and healthcare workers get paid more in NHS than in private. Being as though they are people you have contact with day in day out they are the ones who matter.

    What did you do in the end? Have you got any support in place?
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