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I have tried the Samaritans via email. They do listen but I might need suggestions on possible other stuff--hospitals---therapy---or just saying screw it.
My question is if I call a suicide hotline with a phone that is linked to my name will they take some action or log my name?? Do I have to go to a pay phone to remain anonymous?---Do they still have those?


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I'm not sure what it's like in the US, but over here, you can set your mobile to not show your number when you call someone. So it comes up as "Private Number Calling" and if you leave a voicemail or a missed call it says "Caller did not withhold their number". And you could give a fake name whilst talking to them. My uncle works for Samaritans - I could ask him for you?

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I should think that taking action in the way you mean runs counter to the spirit of a crisis hotline. If they did that sort of thing they likely wouldn't last very long as people would stop calling them. It's not like 911 where hanging up will result in them calling you back immediately.

Though to be clear, I honestly don't know what the policy is.
if you threaten to harm yourself while on the phone with them they will ask if they can send an ambulance or the police.

if you just want to talk, rather than kill yourself with them on teh other end of the line you will be fine.


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Hi there,
As far as I know the samaritans http://samaritans.org or the befrienders http://befrienders.org will not intervene even if you threaten to commit suicide.

I have heard cognitive behavioural therapy and ECT are very good therapies. Perhaps bring this matter up with your doctor and they will refer you as /if needed. Good luck.
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