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House MD

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The shock value of the crash was awesome!

I can only hope House continues past this season.

IMO, the entire House/Cuddy thing was a miserable thing to throw in.

But they had to get him back on Vicodin somehow.
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i think he will eventually return home

and they will have him sectioned (or whatever they call it in the states)... involuntary admission to a psych ward

although she said "arrest him" or "charge him" or something at the end. so maybe he's headed to jail

i can't wait to find out what happens


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'Are you asking me to file charges?'

'If Greg House steps anywhere near my hospital, or anywhere near me, I want him arrested.'

He's probably going to both, of course. Of course he could still do his work from anywhere in the world.

He's a man on the run now....
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Wilson would have probably talked the guy out of arresting him, since its kinda sorta a LITTLE bit his fault :p

but yeah, good good episode. I would have done the same exact thing if I lived near my exes house.


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Of course this change is supposed to be a permanent divider. He may go to jail, he may not and end up in the psych ward, etc. Of course he went back to using vicodin, which means he would lose his license, etc etc etc

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I avoided this thread until I finished watching the season finale. It was awesome! He will probably say it was an accident get questioned go to rehab and the likes.
I know Lisa Edelstein won't be returning next season so who knows.
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