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    I'm in my last year at uni and have lived with the people in my house for jus over a year. lately things have seemed really tense and its starting to get to me. I dont know what has changed. One of my housemates (who i'll name L, i doubt she uses this site, but im paranoid) who I have got on with really well keeps having mood swings. One minute she will be happy and joking and the next she seems really down. I'm the type of person that wants to help people, and right now I dont have a clue on wat to do.

    Ive tried to be there for her, i know she has stuff going on with a not-really-sure-wat-to-call him b/f who is now out of the picture. She has become really isolated - in the sense that she is always in her room with the door closed. I walked to a lecture with her yesterday and we walked most the way in an awkward silence.

    And on top of that, ive had damp in my room for 2 months.Because it was really bad on friday, L took me home with her on the saturday for the weekend. she seemed okay then, and in the car we were fine. The builder came on tuesday and made a hole in my ceiling and took all the plasterboard off the walls. I couldn't sleep in my room, so slept on the sofa and now sleeping on the floor in L's room. Talk about even more awkwardness.

    I dont know whether it is jus me being really sensitive or something, but I feel like ive done something to piss her off. I jus dont know. And i know i shud probably ask her, but i cant. She jus keeps telling everyone she is okay.

    Its starting to get to me. I dont deal with people having mood swings very well. I dont think she realises that it can feel like she is taking it out on us. But again i dont really want to tell her that because i know she will feel bad for it.

    I jus dont know wat to do. I really cant wait to get out this house and go home for christmas. I never felt like this last year when we lived in the other house. I hate being annoyed with her because she is one of the nicest people you can ever meet. Grrr. Jus wish it could be last year. When everything was okay and people actually made the effort to socalise with each other in the house. Nowadays neighbours is more important!!!

    Fuck it all ....