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how best to forget possiable threats?

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next week i go with a group of people from my university to NYC. today we were making the final preparations and one of the women kept saying things that would annoy me. to make things clear it is a group of 4 with me being the only guy. any how during the meeting one of the women kept referring to the fact she does not like men and she finds us disgusting and insisted when we get to the hotel, 1 room for 4 people o.O, that i not touch any of here stuff because i will taint it. had she this once i would have ignored it but she brought it up so many times that i currently see her as a possible threat rather than just an annoyance. that's not a good thing since now i have considered many ways of ending her life.

i am a misanthrope so i understand the desire to not have people touching your stuff or seeing other people as filth but i try to not state it more than necessary. and to be fair she did not say it in a rude way it was the fact that she said it over and over along with the constantly negative words that has now pissed me off. i also acknowledge that the way my messed up brain works i do tend to see threats where they don't exist.

right now i am thinking of a few things.

1 quitting sense it sounds like i will missing a lot of school and will be getting little to no benefit from it educationally or any other wise. it also sounds like there is not cheap food so i will almost starve my self for 4 days a s well.

2. contacting the leader and asking her how often i will be dealing with this woman's annoyance's.

3. bash he head in (dont worry i am not going to hurt her.)

4. go to this thing and spend 4 possibly shitty days in NYC.

say any thing you want. feel free to call me a jack ass too if ya want. i think iam finally getting the hatred out of me for this issue. all your input is welcomed.
unless you can get your own room i say don't go. she sounds like she will make the trip hellish. i'd just avoid the stress and bow out. you can always make another trip to nyc when you have some more money and can really enjoy it. i used to live there, it's great. but it's not a cheap place to visit.


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What a thoroughly ungracious person she is!
Just because she doesn't like men there was no need to labour the point.
Had this come from you, you can bet she would be hot footing it to complain at your sexism.
And actually I think thats exactly what you should do COMPLAIN!
I'm a woman and I think she's being sexist.
If someone stated they didnt like someone for their colour, religion etc. they would be nailed to the wall, why should she be allowed free reign!
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