How can he do this to me?

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  1. I'm fat, ugly and worthless... to him at least. I can't believe he can actually live with himself after cheating on his girlfriend with me, having sex with me and then throwing me away like a piece of trash. It makes me feel so little and used. I hate it. As if everything I do is never good enough. It doesn't seem to matter how much makeup I wear, how many times I tell him I love him, how many hours I spend by the phone waiting for him to call, I'll never be good enough and that's just the sad truth I seem completely unable to face. I know I'll have to face it sooner or later but it seems impossible right now. I'm just stuck in this completely sucky situation.
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    Hey, so i know i dont know the whole story, but think, do you really want to be with someone who you know has cheated in the past? Especially if you were that girl in the previous relationship?

    i know that sounds horrible and i worded it badly, but please understand that is supposed to support this next statement

    you can do better than him!!!

    might take a little to realize and admit that...but well you gotta discover it on your own before you are ready to believe it-just think you deserve better and try to tell yourself why

  3. I appreciate the reply. I've realized a lot lately, like how he was the main cause of all the pain inside me but there's all these other things happening, hallucinations and whatnot. So I'm freaking out... and I don't know what to do with my life. School's ending soon, so at least I won't have to see him with his girlfriend making out all the time. *sigh*
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    thats good id say spend the summer just getting over it and thinking about why you dont even want him involved in your life in that kinda way- feel free to flirt and have fun
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    Don't determine your worth by the way some scumbag treated you! This pussy-popping predator's opinion is worth nothing, and his actions speak volumes about his character. Do you really take the word of someone who bed hops around, cheats on his girlfriend, and lies, as the word of someone worth listening to?

    Things happen, mistakes happen, but just remember the lesson learned from this is that you shouldn't have sex and become attached to people who don't have a commitment to you in the first place. It's going to suck a lot trying to get over the situation, but look at it for what it really was, and you'll come out a lot wiser from it. Trust me, it happens to 90% of all people who have had sex.

    It's terrible this happened to you. :console:
  6. I guess. I just feel so worthless to everyone right now.
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    Honey, he is not good enough for you! Remember that love or lust happens over and over again...
    In the meanwhile, get out there and live your life! Do things to feel better about yourself. Hugs and sorry for everything. I know how much boys can suck. :(((
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    Oh goodness...wiser words were never spoken. I wish someone would have told me this when I was young. So much heartache and feeling worthless looking for love the wrong way.

    I am sorry for what you are going through sweetie. :hug:

    You don't want a cheater, they hurt so bad. :/