How can he say that??

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  1. In my country there was this news about suicide prevention and someone posted in the Facebook page that those who feel suicidal and attempt suicide were a waste of mankind and resources.. He is such an ass hole in this world. I replied his Facebook post calling him a stupid ass hole and now this childish pea brained guy keep private messaging me asking me out for a fight. Sheezzz...
  2. tness

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    Ignore the bugger.

    Karma will wake him up one day.
  3. Zipporah29

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    Someone who says a thing like that has absolutely zero understanding of what it's like to go through suicidal feelings, and scores very low on empathy and insight as well. I wouldn't even bother with such a person :smile-new:
  4. normaljoe

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    He is lucky that ignorance is bliss. little would he want to discover the pain of depression/ptsd or a loved on taking their own life.