how can i be cool?

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by Sent, Dec 27, 2011.

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  1. Sent

    Sent Banned Member

    i am a huge looser

    and only loosers like me.

    ie: when i go to a bodybuilding forum they all treat me like shit or dont reply and sutff
    but when i go to a video game forum i make friends
    when i try to get a girl to like me she says i am too nice and weak

    also my moms driving me crazy i want to kill her and i am depressed about my life.
  2. brunswick

    brunswick Active Member

    y'know, me too.
    i so totally get walked over and trodden most of the time
    and i am a lecturer in a university with a wife and a daughter
    isn't that the craziest

    i have all the trappings of success and i am a huge looser too

    all i can say is - life can be real crappy
    and that's for me, who seems to have everything a guy should want

    all i can say is - i think you're cool
    you're here and that's really cool
    you'll meet people here who are "loosers" also, in their different ways
    and i think they are awesome
    they listen to other loosers like me and don't judge but provide support
    and all the while, they too are in pain (probably worse than mine, but what do i know)

    i don't have the answers to life but sometimes
    all it takes to be brave is to hang on
    the most awesome thing you can do is to say hello and mean it (just think of all the other hellos that make you feel used)
    and you are more than the pain

    visit the chatroom
    when they talk about their pain, it doesn't take long
    but each of the people here are so much more
    when they talk about themselves
    you feel that it just the tip of the iceberg
    i am sure you are like that too

    if i ask you about your pain, it won't take long
    but if i ask you to tell me about yourself
    we'll be here forever and still won't cover it all
    i'll have to live with you to know who you really are

    you are more than the pain
    you are already cool
    you are nice, what's wrong with that
    i like nice
  3. Cpt-Fantastic

    Cpt-Fantastic Banned Member

    well thats obvious duh, bodybuilders and video gamers are complete different people, bodybuilders are alpha males that like to tease others and kinda act like jerks while video gamers are at the opposite end of the scale (usually also in intelligence..;)) its just their nature, you dont get treated different like anyone else so dont worry about that. and moms drive us crazy sometimes but they are usually the ones that love us the most and want the best for us. and girls ah well when they say you're too nice give them a hug and offer them to buy you a drink for being so nice to them :)
  4. brunswick

    brunswick Active Member

    Haha, I like the part about asking the girl to buy you a drink. Wayyyy coool, my man. I can just imagine the girl's face. ROFL.
  5. BrinkOfExistence

    BrinkOfExistence Well-Known Member

    There are girls out there who like video gamers and uncool people, thats how i got my first girlfriend......and only, but hey it's better than none right?
    You'll be alot happier and comfortable in a relationship if you can be yourself rather than putting on an 'act'.
    Also i think being cool is a matter of opinion, i had friend from work who was a real sci fi loving, video gaming, book reading nerd, yet he is the coolest person i've ever met and i'm not just saying that, he really was.
  6. brunswick

    brunswick Active Member

    i married the first girl i had a serious relationship with
    she's the best thing that happened in my life
    and yes, i screwed that up

    still, we're still married
    30+ years now

    it's not perfect
    but then life's can be crabby

    no one to blame
    not even me, hahaha
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