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How can I get her to agree to talk to me, confidentially?

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Here's my situation.

Unfortunately she is the only person I feel I could be vulnerable with. There is no one else I can talk to. Only I can't ask, because she'll either refuse, report it to my wife or both.

I don't know what to do.
True love is letting go sometimes, its the hardest thing to do, in the world probably.
Has to happen in a loving relationship too, then its called "trust"
When you can do this in each situation, you will become whole and content with yourself.
So, lets look at it, even if you got together with this lass, she would not love you like you did her, so you would be unhappy and so would she.
Better to find an equal love, then you can give that spare love to yourself too.
Easier said than done.
Intention thats the key,now where did i leave that damn key again..........
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