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how can i go on

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Never opened up to anyone but feel like I just can't go on been sufferin depression for four years now since my new baby died of turner syndrome since then I've lost my Mima who took massive heart attack my best friend and just when I was getting back on my feet iland. Comming to terms with everything I had a stillborn baby girl may this year and Knox Amy partner of 15 years has just left me For my sister Just feel like I can't go on anymore can't speak my doctor about it As I have been detained in hospital for three months Fiona mental health problems phoned breathing space tonight as really don't see why I should go on nothing left in live for Me really need help, :(
I'm sorry that is a lot of things that happened. You said your partner left you for your sister. Man that makes me sick so I can imagine how you must be feeling especially after all the other unforunate things that happend. I'm not the best at giving advice and what not but just know that there are a few good people out there and we do care on this forum. If you want to talk about anything just let it all out here. You do have things to live for just keep trying to gain friends and stay away from that sister and that guy because they don't deserve someone as great as you in their life.
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