How can I keep going when nothing gets better

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  1. bornunderadarkstar

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    I have just joined this forum. Please be kind. I am virtually unemployable now. I have just been kicked out of yet another temporary job after just one and a half days. I always care about the job and do my best. All I am told these days is that the job is not right for me or that I do not fit in. They are always getting rid of me straight away now. I can't live like this any more. I am terrified for the future now. I have been trying to get a proper job now for years and they are telling me now that I am not even good enough for a temporary job. I am now in my 40's. I am hungry and will not even dare spend money on food now in case I get a job offer and need the money for travel tickets get to a job.
    There is no point. And nothing gets better. All of my savings will be gone soon. I will have nothing left. I live in an affluent part of the country but what use is that to me when no one will give me a chance as they see me as not good enough. Life will just get worse as I get older.
    I don't really have proper friends. People don't want to know people in my situation especially as people are mostly all doing so well around here.
    I just have a friend who I got back in touch with recently. I enjoy his company so much but I can tell he is fed up with this situation already. It will drag him down and that is not fair on him. He doesn't deserve it.
    The only other people I have in my life are people I know from my fitness class. I wouldn't even tell them I am a temporary worker let alone unemployed. They would think less of me as it doesn't fit into their life. They all have careers and would not understand why I cannot get employment. Neither do I understand it. Soon I will not even be able to go there anymore and I have been going there for 6 years. I will be totally cut off.
    I am sorry for my rant but I feel alone and hopeless.
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    YOu can collect unemployment insurance if you have worked in past or ask for help from welfare until you get another job Get some training re what the work force is looking for
    The work force is so competitive rightnow so you need to gain the skills necessary to promote yourself well ok Volunteer at a job so you can get those skills until you can obtain a new job It looks good on your resume if you continue to work even if it is volunteer work
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