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How can I make money online or from home?

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Vanilla Sky

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I can’t work because of social anxiety so I could really do with a way to make money from home or online. I’m not looking for any get rich quick schemes just something I can make a steady income from. I have considered eBay but I don’t like the idea of putting all my time and effort into something when actually turning a profit is dependent on factors out of my control... also thought about investing in stocks and shares but I simply don’t know where to begin plus unless you have a huge amount to invest it doesn’t really seem worth the risk or hassle... I know there are quite a few people on here who are in a similar situation to me so hoping someone can throw some ideas my way.

Thanks in advance


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As someone who has dealt with brutal social anxiety, I believe that you should not go this route. I would strongly suggest you look for a job involving little social contact, because it's something you need to do.

Vanilla Sky

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Thanks for the reply. I know you are right but that's just something i couldn't do. I haven't worked in years and don't even feel comfortable going out of the house during daylight hours so the idea of getting job seems pretty much impossible. Plus the moment i express any interest in trying to work the benefits people will haul my ass down to the job center for back to work interviews and assessments. If i could just find a flexible part time night job that didn't involve much interaction with people and no interviews i would do it. But opportunities like that don't seem to exist and there is no support to help people like me back into work.


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I know of those internet places where they pay you with different things to fill out surveys and stuff. Try googling internet jobs or something. I'm in the same situation as you(well not really but a night job/avoidant one would best suit me).


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I've looked before, though not hard enough, but I will start on it a bit more intensely, no way I can be around human(oids) anymore so that may be my only option,:mhmm: also know it's not easy to find them or at least thru companies that are legit, will let you know if I find anything out.


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I use to find Data Entry was a great field b/c even though I had to work around other people in an office setting, no one bothered anyone else. People came to work, put their headphones on, listened to their music, placed info into a computer system, then went home. The least stressful job I ever had and I still remember it fondly.

Unfortunately, I can't offer any suggestions in terms of online/work from home opportunities, but if anyone would like me to I'd be happy to research the probable legitimacy of companies anyone is considering. In the meantime, a few things to keep you safe in your job search:

- Many "mail from home" opportunities involve making participants unwitting accomplices to fraud. So, be careful if the company is asking you to do things that you feel make little to no sense.

- If a business wants their "customer" deposits to go into your bank account followed by you sending them the difference, minus a small percentage you keep for yourself, this is a strong indicator that business is engaged in fraud or economic crime of some variety.

- Never provide your personal data (i.e., name, SSN, bank info) unless you are confident the business is legit.

- If the business is based in the U.S., search the "Better Business Bureau" to determine if the business has been rated (and if so, what is their rating).

- Perform a separate Google search of the company name, the company website, the company phone number, the company e-mail address, and the company mailing address. When searching place the information in quotes to narrow down the search (e.g., "ABC Company"). Also, place the term FRAUD beside it to see if anything comes up. Example:
"ABC Company", Fraud
If the business is linked to fraud, this simple search stands a great chance of turning up something. For example, even if they're using a new business name the address often stays the same so by searching all pieces of informaton available it helps paint a better picture of the opportunity you're considering.

- Sometimes you may find negative information that could be sour grapes, so to speak. After all, even the largest corporate entities will have negative info out there to include allegations of fraud. Use your judgement in determining if those allegations are valid. Unfortunately, the work from home business is ripe with fraud, but there may be some opporunities out there that are surprisingly legit. Its just a matter of sorting through the fakes to find the true diamond in the rough.

Good luck to those searching.


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I am in the same position with social anxiety but i don't think one can simply live off income earned working from home unless you've got some talent, smarts, motivation, passion, and drive, etc all of which i also don't have... also may depend on what skills you have... good with graphic design? freelance while working from home

have you thought about youtube? People made success doing comedy skits, teaching people how to do makeup and other things or just blogging and saying funny things.. at least you're not in direct contact with people, only with the camera.

I realize that despite social anxiety and hating to be around people in general, that i kinda have to be realistic and actually go out there to find work... have you thought about working somewhere where social interaction is at a minimal? Librarian?

I'm studying at home right now, prepping myself to become a pharmacist assistant... i feel its a job where i don't have to deal with a lot of people and work in a relaxed and quiet environment most of the time. I went to school for 6 years for graphic design, lost 2 years because i didn't know what the beep to do with my life... now i'm studying at home for something i never thought about studying for and is one of my worst subjects in school and possibility that it may not even come to fruition. But therapist taught me not to have such low confidence in myself and to look at the facts. the facts are that i'm better than I make myself out to be and it shows.
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