How can I stop myself from SH

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Fleurise, May 10, 2014.

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  1. Fleurise

    Fleurise Well-Known Member

    I've been like this most of the day. My thoughts are racing, the urge is so strong to self harm. Spent a lot of my day trying to keep busy, mostly housework. Things that should have exhausted me enough that I could sleep. But it's nearly 4am and I'm really struggling to keep it together. I keep crying and even relaxing music isn't helping.
    I don't want to end up cutting but the urge is strong. Hard to explain how it takes over. I'm almost at the point now of getting numb to it again and that is the most dangerous time for me
    My paranoia has been getting worse today to and that Isn't helping.
    Just can't keep going on tonight like this.
  2. Hatshepsut

    Hatshepsut Guest

    I'm not competent to answer. I'm not even a cutter, so I may not be very helpful. Somehow, I think the answer involves leaving the sharp instrument laid aside wherever it is, instead of using it. If you've done this during the hour since you posted, then you've already made some progress.

    May all the best luck on this green earth come to you in your efforts. You can always share here, without being judged. :rainbow:
  3. Concrete_Angel

    Concrete_Angel Forum Buddy

    Hello I can try and suggest some things but I don't know whether I'd be any help? You could try alternative methods like pinging an elastic band on your wrist? Or putting ice in the crick of your elbow?
    Sorry if I'm not much help. But keep trying!
  4. Daphna

    Daphna Well-Known Member

    Do you know why you SH? Is it to distract yourself? For control? Do you think you deserve punishment for something? In reality you are punishing yourself. You may not see it that way or feel like you are, but you are physically harming yourself. The question is: why? Understanding why may help you resolve the problem. Resolving the problem should remove the urge. Hope this helps.
  5. sadcat

    sadcat Well-Known Member


    Here are some ideas I recently got from a person on a chat site:

    ignore the ones for young people.

    108COPING SKILLS1. Go to my happy place mentally2. Be mindful3. Look at the sky 4. Count5. Hold Ice in hand6. Read poems7. Write poems8. Play with tangle toy9. Do a word find10. Play with neighbors dog11. Take a bike ride12. Play on computer or Wii13. Read Bible14. Color a picture15. Garden16. Take neighbor’s dog for a run17. Watch a movie18. Listen to sermons19. Throw a baseball or tennis ball20. Go to the church and sit in silence21.
    <mpcc>: 22. Do work23. Sing24. Punch a punching bag25. Cover self with band aid where want to cut26. Cry27. Take a nap28. Take a hot shower29. Clean something30. Sew31. Read a good book32. Listen to music33. Aromatherapy34. Meditate35. Go some ware very public36. Rip paper37. Kick a soccer ball38. Write a Letter39. Dance40. Hyper focus on something41. Hug a pillow or stuff animal42. Make hot chocolate43. Build a fort44. Draw on self with marker

    45. Go for a drive46. Look at nature47. Build or create something48. pray49. Feed ducks50. Color with crayons51. Memorize a poem52. Stretch53. Search for weird things on the internet54. Play the 15 minute game( avoid something for 15 minutes then start again)55. Try to make words out of my full name
    <mpcc>: 56. Play with a balloon57. Play with toys58. Preform act of kindness59. Write me a I love you because letter addressed to myself60. Look up new words61. Smile at 5 people62. Go for a walk63. Put a puzzle together64. Yoga65. Search online for new songs66. Make a list of goals for the week67. Make a list of goals for the month68. Make a list for goals for a year69. Make a list of goals for 5 years70. Scream71. Deep breath

    72. Lay on back tense up all muscles and slowly release them73. Watch cute kitten videos on YouTube74. Act opposite of negative feelings75. Write a pros and cons list for decisions76. Reward or pamper yourself when successful77. .Write a list of strengths78. Accept a challenge with a positive attitude79. Make a gratitude list80. Brainstorm solutions

    81. Lower your expectations of the situation82. Keep an inspirational quote with you83. throw a deck of cards in your room and pick them up in order84. massage where you want to hurt yourself with lotion or massage oil while telling yourself that you are special and deserve to treat yourself with love and respect85. choose a random object (like a piece of tape) and try to list 30 different uses for it86. Jump up and down87. Squeeze a stress ball88. Think of

    89. Write down how your feeling & why, read 1x & put it away90. Visualization- close your eyes and imagine yourself in a beautiful place- how does it smell, what do you see, what do your hear, what do you feel91. Read a joke book92. Look at puppy pictures
    <mpcc>: 93. Call life line94. Think of 10 more things to add to this list95. Sing at the top of my lungs96. Talk to myself98. Listen to soft music99. Make a collage 100. Write down what Like about me101. Clean 102. Learn a new skill103. Do laundry104. Do dishes by hand105. Empty trash106. Look at a magazine107. Write down what is bothering me

    108 is call your counselor

    just do your best , Sadcat
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