how can i stop the intense thoughts?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by emily83, Sep 20, 2016.

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  1. emily83

    emily83 Well-Known Member

    I want to stop the intense thoughts.

    mild thoughts i can handle, because i'm still pretty much their (with it and stuff)

    I don't like when those mild thoughts (or what i think are mild thoughts) turn in to something bigger, and before long i'm dealing with something a lot bigger

    can anyone tell me any good ways to stop mild thoughts from getting worse?
  2. lifetalkz

    lifetalkz Well-Known Member

    Hi Emily-In hopes that it might give you some comfort, I will share with you MY thoughts on thoughts in general. You ended your post with a question-how to stop mild (mostly harmless) thoughts from turning into harmful thoughts. My input on the subject is very simple-understand that your thoughts mean well, but they're not telling you the whole truth about many things, so you shouldn't trust them completely. I know that sounds bad when you see it in print, but it's not bad. For people like us, people who obsess on negativity, the notion that our thoughts are not really being truthful with us is a very good thing because it means that there is a lot more to be hopeful for than we give ourselves credit for-there is still a lot of good in the world, and not just bad.

    In layman's terms-when we've grown up thinking fearful thoughts instead of comforting ones, fearful thoughts feel comforting-so when we feel anxiety coming on we go the place in our minds that is comforting, the place where fearful thoughts are. It's kinda crazy but still true. Many of us learned very young not to trust feelings of contentment and well-being because they tricked us before-they made us think that everything would be okay then the total opposite happened. We started believing that all of the good parts of life were a lie-life is bad, we should trust no one and never let our guard down. That is how mild thoughts turn against us and overwhelm-the core belief that everything is cursed, no matter what we do we will always lose and never win takes over our thoughts and we dissolve into sadness, fear and anxiety.

    I stopped trusting my thoughts many years ago and started challenging them. When my thoughts told me that I was a fool to have any hope for my miserable life I stopped listening to them-when they told me that no matter what I did I would never get better and my life would never be different, I shut off the volume and turned away. I started listening to a different voice, the voice of reason and logic-an impartial voice with no dog in the fight on either side and gradually, over time, my whole life started changing. I know it sounds scary to think that you shouldn't believe that your inner voice is telling you the whole truth-but when you consider the possibility that maybe it's hurting you by accident it really changes things.

    I know my philosophy is a bit out there and unconventional-but challenging my thoughts eventually made radical change in my life-lessened my anxiety in countless ways and gave me the ability to sleep soundly every night-no worries. Profound change started happening when I stopped believing what my inner voice was telling me and started believing that there were many possibilities for me to have a much brighter future without so much pain and sadness in it. When I started changing my thoughts my life started changing. Today-more than a decade later, I don't have harmful thoughts anymore-ever. I don't think that way at all anymore-haven't in years. This is just one persons perspective on mild thoughts turning terrible-don't listen to them because they're not telling you the whole truth about what is really possible in your life. NEVER give up hope on yourself. Good luck to you-LT
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  3. IamTetsuo

    IamTetsuo Well-Known Member

    Stop thinking them! ;)

    It's kind of like the old joke where a man goes to the doctor's and says, "my arm hurts whenever I go like *this*" and the doctor says, "well stop doing it then!".

    I know it's not so easy, thinking is compulsive and people spend their whole lives doing it but when you can stop the flow it's pretty magical. My anxiety levels dropped so much it was really amazing (basically when you're not thinking, you have no anxiety). Sprirituality and meditation worked wonders for me; yoga, exercise, drawing, cooking, whatever you like to do and then make the choice to be immersed in that activity.

    Of course you can't spend yor whole life not thinking so the post above from Lifetalkz is really great advice too. See your thoughts and 'challenge' them, make the choice to think something different. When you notice the 'mild' thoughts, be aware that therey're there and try to see the situation in a positive way. This is something which I am struggling with at the moment but I know how powerful it is. When I have the natural tendency to think how disastrous things will be in the future I try to say, "hang on, just imagine if everything went perfectly, what would that looki like?".

    For me, the ability to 'not think' is the foundation to controlling the mind.
  4. lifetalkz

    lifetalkz Well-Known Member

    The greatest teacher of not thinking (that I know of anyway) is the wonderful Ram Dass. His book from the 60's called BE HERE NOW was a total game changer for me. The power of trying to always be fully invested in the present instead of regretting things that happened in the past (that you can't change) or fearing things that might happen in the future (that usually don't) is life altering! If you haven't read it already-BE HERE NOW is a fantastic book for a beginner of fully present thinking. Don't underestimate the potency of this concept-full implementation of always staying present virtually eliminates all anxiety producing thoughts in a matter of seconds, leaving the thinker with a clear mind that is open to being in the middle place, between extremes where everything is broken into categories of good, bad, ugly, beautiful, valuable, worthless. I love living in the middle place and recommend it highly-LT
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