How can i tell her i love her?

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by weirdal, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. weirdal

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    I really don't have the energy and time to go into all the details about whats happened between us, but il fill you in very briefly. Have been in love with this girl for a few years, we have had our ups and downs, were going fine, then she went off with someone else. shes just come out of a 1 and a half year relationship with some guy, which i had to endure every day. We have started talking again, and talk every night, on web cam etc, just like it used to be back in the old days. Problem is shes one of those girls that whenever you say how much you mean etc etc, they just go like aww thats cute, as if they don't believe that you are being sincere. How can i prove to her how much she actually means to me. Because i would do anything in the world for her, and she does mean the world to me. I have bad self confidence, but how can i get the point accross that shes all i need in life.


  2. Rayne

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    Have you told her exactly that?
  3. weirdal

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    no im scared. and dont know how to do it, phone person etc.
  4. NoGood

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    Some night you two have a date to web cam chat, show up at her door instead, at the time you two wer meant to web cam chat and tell her you needed to tell her to her face.

    Do you think she feels the same way??
  5. weirdal

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    no im pretty sure she doesn't, but i want her to know.
  6. lost_in_a_fairytale

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    hmm I think if you tried to say to her in real
    life it would seem more believable. If you make
    the effort to actually see the person and tell
    them you need to say something important perhaps
    they'd actually see then how important they are to

    I think you should try and tell her face to face,
    it'd probably be worse if you never let her know
    properly, you never know, she could feel the same
    way :)
    if she means that much to you then, in my opinion,
    its worth the try.
  7. Rayne

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    This is a really, really nice idea.

  8. Avarice

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    Perhaps she doesn't trust people or doesn't have much self confidence herself. I had problems in my previous relationship with the guy telling me he loved me, etc., etc., all the time, but I never believed him because I didn't believe anyone could love me. I'm not saying that this is the problem here, but it could be a possibility.

    You should definately do something romantic and sweet, such as someone said, turning up at her door to tell her what she means to you. I wouldn't bring flowers or chocolates with you, as in my personal opinion they are somewhat cliche and would make the whole thing look like something out of a movie, which is fake. Maybe making her a CD full of tracks that remind you of her (something nice, of course) with a little card or a poem that tells her what she means to you.

    I'm not really sure what kind of thing would be best, but something different from the norm and well thought out that will get her attention should hopefully work in letting her know how you feel.

    I wish you all the luck in the world for this. I hope you get your girl. =]