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How can it be?

Seriously, how can it be that one day (yesterday), I was relatively fine and did lots of stuff yet today if I had a weapon I would be tempted to use it! It just does not make sense. Going to talk to my dr about going inpatient....this is insanity,,,sorry, just had to vent, I mean, can a few glasses of wine combined with meds do that? I have been on an every other day cycle for a while though...no alcohol involved the other days,
@Hopeiseverything. I can't speak for anyone other than myself, but I go through those cycles all the time. Life is full of "ups" and "downs", and the pandemic only exacerbates everything. Even people without psychological, emotional, or whatever label you want to use, problems, are not always in the same mood constantly. The people we see as "normal" have "good" and "bad" days/moments/moods. For those of us who suffer with various psychological issues, the difference between a "good" mood/day and a "bad" mood/day can be far greater than the "normal" people can even conceive.

Also, check the labels/interactions on your meds. Everything I have taken in the past mentions that they you should not drink while on the medication. Some past googling on the subject has led me to learn that alcohol can affect medications in many ways, from just weakening or even eliminating the benefit the medication is supposed to provide to actually causing severely adverse reactions/results. I'd check with your doctor/chemist to see if the wine may be interfering with the medication and resulting in these moods that are concerning you.

Please stay safe and take care of yourself.

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Had and have the same things, not on anything atm (stopped taking escitalopram and the doctors were "oh shit, he just vibin'") but when I did I sometimes had alcohol. Would love to be mentally stable, but some of us aren't.


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I have been on the same medications for a few years now; Lithium as a mood stabilizer, Latuda as an anti-psychotic, and lamotrigine as an anti-depressant. I drink alcohol regularly and it does not affect me much at all. I have been fairly stable now for several years. I do not believe the wine you had is affecting your mood today; I think it is a normal cycle for you. The best thing to do is work with your psychiatrist to see if you can level it out. If you do it will be somewhere in the middle; you will not feel great some days but you will be pretty good almost every day.

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