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How can someone distract themselves...

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....when they're so depressed that they don't feel like doing anything but sleep? Well, that's just me. For the past couple of days, despite trying to get myself together, I still feel depressed and lonely. I often go to the library, but I don't feel like doing anything over there, and I can't sleep, so I end up staring at the window.

Does anyone else have to drag themselves out of bed or having to do things (even things they once like to do)? It's upsetting me. What do you guys do?
I go for a walk - I'm a wheelchair user normally, but when I get low I take a walk. Physical activity gets the rest of your body functioning better. If anything human contact is the most important thing though, I read the other day that hugs are very good for one's mental wellbeing too, but if you can't do that then a face-to-face conversation with a friend can mean the world.


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I usually force myself into the shower and stay there for a while plenty of shampoo and soap later and a big fluffy towel then i go downstairs and make myself the strongest cup of coffee i can hold down LOL then i get dressed and open the curtains and windows and put some lively music on. It wont work for everyone and it really does take a huge effort to do it but if you can it definately lifts your spirits !


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Dawn I'm like you when I'm severely depressed I can't bring myself to do anything as much as I try.I find sleep is the only and best thing to do when I'm like this.


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hey dawn, dont feel bad, every day is an effort for me to get out of bed, and the only reason i do is one of best mates has a key and can let himself in and he comes each day for 1100 to take me for walk. all i have to do is roll out of bed and wash face brush teeth if i can be bothered. the only time i make effort is day before doc or therapist. just breathing is an effort let alone getting up, so you are not unusual or abnormal so dont waste your energy worrying. good luck hun :hug:


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I play video games or think about what jobs i can apply for without feeling uncomfortable. Being unemployed is a part of my depression so i am trying to get that out of the way.


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Still not replaced my shower - and boy I miss it!

That really does wake you up - so if you can make the effort to get into the shower - you won't be feeling so sleepy or depressed.

I find that getting out is the best cure - I don't relax in the morning - bear in mind not everyone is at their best in the morning anyhow - but a shower, a quick breakfast, a cup of hurried tea then I like to get out and have my first cigarette of the day.

Being unemployed has its pros and cons, but I feel at my best when I'm doing something, be it work, education or something voluntary.

You can do the odd bit of work as a favour. Help your folks out, maybe elderly and so on.

As for sleep - its a bloody nuisance when you either sleep a lot or not enough. The meds I took, I seemed to be sleeping for insane amounts backed up with a couple of nights a week I'd stay up because its not worth going to bed at 9.00am.

So my sympathy to anyone who has that!

Even so, I guess the shower is a real booster if you have one - and if you have a bath - you can fit one of those basic showers for cheap.

Maybe a disability qualifies you to get a shower fitted also.

Best look into that one as it happens!

Good luck and if you sleep too much, could be the meds although there is an old song which goes "When a man gets worry in his mind, he wants to sleep all the time, he wants to sleep all the time, so he can ease his worried mind"

So true - and applies to woman also.

Anyhow, have a slice of cake, chill out a little....

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