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how can you know that its not just your inner self talking to your self

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if you dont know your subconscious thoroughly and to an extreme how do you know its not just your subconscious talking instead of 'god'

from my experience it feels like the subconscious can play 'god' as a kind of a 'core ego preservation' in the psyche especially when a person is very religious. cause in many ways humans are shitty flawed versions of computers. thats why i kind of wish i was a cyborg. or dead. right now im a half dead cyborg. its no fun. I sadly dont actually have a CPU in my skull, but I function sort of like that

personally, begging 'god' 100+ times for some kind of response (even one outside 'proof' as in a dream or something only I could personally understand) in order to believe in him/her/it has brought no response and the same old shit...very agnostic and not entirely 'atheist' leaning in a closed minded sense so its not like itd have to be god landing on the white house's lawn

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i have talked to god since i was very small begging for something anything but it did not happen Yet i still pray it is a coping mechanism i guess now i don't know why
I do understand the cyborg feeling i feel that way so many days just walking without emotion.
Our inner selves it speaks to us all the time our subconscious telling us to keep fighting to not give in
sorry rambling some i do hope you find the help you need to move forward either through a therapist or your doctor who will prescribe you some meds
Listen to yourself hun to that inner core that says keep fighting hugs


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When I was fourteen, our church minister said, "Faith is believing in something for which you have no proof."

I've had intense moments of "spirituality," of feeling that some universal spirit/essence/energy/force HAS to exist. For example, when the elements of a random moment are so perfect and actually too complex to be "random." So when I need to appeal to a god for support, intervention, or to give thanks, I suppose those moments of spirituality are what I'm thinking of.

Whether it is our inner selves or a spirituality that helps you feel life is precious, look to those moments that give you that confirmation and strength to keep going. :) You're worth it. You're part of the world, and that gives you a place and a reason to be here just "because."


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Interesting post, and interesting ideas, HP. I'm just throwing a couple examples out there.
My SF name, Valis, comes from a Philip K. Dick book by the same name, which to his shitty computer, was a work of nonfiction.

Valis is about how the author experienced god for a brief period of time, getting premonitions and precise physical evidence, visions etc. that soon went away and left him forever after in an endless search, angry and bitter and confused by the god that came and left.

Long-winded, but speaking from personal experience, faith is indeed something that comes without proof, as Acy said, and "reality is what doesn't go away when you stop believing in it."

So what I mean is, to you or me, the true (non)existence of god is outside ourselves but the belief is our choice. I forget about god depending on how much I need external structure to prop me up, even though I had a series of events and experiences that at the time were undisputable evidence of god.

It has been my choice to not cling to that by actively practicing religion, organized or otherwise. I rely on my inward-focused thought pattern, and the consequence of this is that I do in fact have proof of this as a faulty system.

Main point: I see god as a choice.

Interested to hear further opinions on this.
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