How can you live?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Know One, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. Know One

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    I'd like to believe that there are people with much greater intelligence than I, and so I like to believe in many of their sayings. A wise man once said "ignorance is bliss" and I'd like to believe that true, but I cannot be ignorant of all things. Another wise man once said that to be happy you must live without regrets. What can I do if I regret everything I have ever done and ever will do? People do NOT change. This is a proven fact. Human nature may be different from person to person, but it does not change at any given point. I may become happy for a trial period, but I know I do not change, and eventually, I will and do become depressed again. I always wish not that I could die, but never have been created. I hate what I am and what I will become. I hate every person and what they can become. I do not wish on death, I wish on satisfaction that I will never find.
  2. Blackness

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    hmm maybe not deep down but one can change their ways. It's all about postive thiking and wanted to get better. But that's the hardest part, with out motive or the light at the end of the tunnel we are hopelss.
  3. White Dove

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    I agree
  4. Anime-Zodiac

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    People can change if they truly want to. You need the desire to.

    What is making you feel like this.
  5. noct

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    You say you're looking for someone with greater intelligence. I don't know if I'm that person, but I do see a flaw in your logic:

    You're making a sweeping generalization saying it's a proven fact without providing evidence. To say that it is a proven fact, that means there would have to be no evidence to the contrary for it to be true.

    People can change quite dramatically if they are motivated. Scott "Tookie" Williams went from being one of the most ruthless gangsters in LA to a person seeking enlightenment and being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Mahatma Gandhi went from being an upper-class attorney to deliberately living a life of poverty, becoming the liberator of India through his actions. Malcom X went from being a self-centered hustler to a civil rights leader with a new philosophy on life.

    Aside from case examples, the whole science of behavioral psychology is built around modifying behavior. The Turing test is a famous example of getting people to commit perceived acts of torture merely through suggestion that some would never do unassisted. People's behavior and thought patterns can be extremely malleable under the right circumstances.

    If you're intelligent, you should understand that any logical conclusions based on inaccurate truths can be incorrect.
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