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How Could I Not Have Noticed?

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So, a couple days ago, in my hometown there was a robbery at one of the casinos nearby where a woman was brutally beaten by one man while the other was taking what he could. This had to have been a 5-minute straight beating.

The one beating the woman was childhood friend since I was 6 years old.

I knew that he did drugs and had gotten arrested a couple times for things like trespassing and shoplifting, but so had another friend of mine. I didn't really think much of it other than think of how much of an idiot he was sometimes. Then this happened, and my mom sat me down and told me that David was going to jail for, probably, 5-10 years for being involved in an armed robbery and vicious assault.

What I want to know was how could I not have noticed what he was turning into? I mean I have known him for 11 YEARS. Shouldn't I have seen how bad things were getting?

Here's a link to the article:


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People can act very differently to differing people...but I am sure you are hurt by these events...these are his problems so please do not blame yourself...J

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Drugs take away that person we once knew Drugs will make a person do awful things to get the money they need to sustain their habit. One thing for sure he will not be harming himself or anyone now maybe while in prison he might even get some help who knows


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Sometimes you just cant see what's going on. I can really only give you my personal account. My friends knew me from the age of 5, and I kept everything from them, not just because I didn't want to share it with them, but because I didnt see and understand what was happening to me. Sometimes people put a face on, especially to those whom they care alot about. Maybe the best parts of him were showing when he was raound you and other people in his life, and he kept it that way.
There's alot of things to see in it,.. and we all make mistakes. This is very brutal though, and he's.. idk. He's fallen into a world where doing such things are acceptable so he can get what he wants.
Hopefully, things will get better. But try not to beat yourself up over his issues. I do get what you mean though, it's difficult to not understand why, especially when that person is close to you.
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