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--You've asked me what's wrong more times than I can count, yet when I get the nerve to tell you how I'm really feeling you roll your eyes and tell me to stop being so dramatic and stop making a scene. You're making us all look bad. Yet you all don't see that I'm slipping into the darkness, and this time I don't know for sure if I'll be able to crawl back out or not.

Many would say that's a cry for help, others simply that it's a rant...among other things. To my family it's a hit against the family. I've been told by a few people today to shut down my fb account because I'm being disrespectful towards my family and I need to grow the heck up. They say they don't understand how someone could be so evil towards them. When it's not towards them at all. I just sucks at times.



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and then the family says oh you should have told us you can always talk to us were always here

yep i know where your coming from minion
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