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How could you?

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it doesn't matter.. nothing does. I give up. I just want to die. To disappear....

That's it.
I give up, I'm sorry to everyone here, everyone I know from here. Everyone I'm letting down

I'm done being treated like I don't matter.

I made two weeks.... that's it...


Take care
hey jess,

i know it doesn't help much, but i know how you feel. someone i care about very much treats me like i don't even exist, like i'm as disposable as garbage. but after being on this forum for a few weeks and listening to my other friends, i realize that there are so many people who care about me and want to treat me like a valued friend. i know that it may be that someone much closer to you than a friend that made you feel that way, but please know that you DO matter. i'm sorry they made you feel that you didn't matter--that you aren't worth caring about. they are plain wrong. i care :o) and i know there are many people here who care, too. stay with us! PM me if you need to talk! it's an uphill climb right now, and it's never easy, but keep taking some small steps forward!! keep fighting :o)



hun, i love you, please dont do anything rash, and talk to me or someone else on the site :hug: please take care.
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