How DARE you?!

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    To you:

    How could you?! How...explain it to me, please. You were my best friend. You knew me better than anyone else. Better than my family, even. So how could you do this to me? You know my triggers..i know you do. But you set them off anyways, on purpose. You invite people to my house while i'm alone. People that wanted to hurt me. He would've hurt me. FUCK, he DID hurt me. And YOU made this happen. There was no hiding the kind of person this guy was, he reeked of it. I felt it when he stepped into the room, and led him straight to me. How could you...There was a time when I would've done anything for you...before all of this. When I didn't mind getting your drugs for you since they like me better, and I didn't mind that you got mean sometimes, i knew you didn't mean it. But i think you did. I think everytime you told me how worthless I was and how stupid I was and how much you hated me for meant it, apologies or not. And thats ok...if you think that way of me. But do you hate me so much that you want me to hurt? Is it possible for you to hate someone so much for no reason? What have I done to make this happen, to make you hate me so much that you'd rather see me dying inside and hurt by someone then just leave me alone...