How do feel better without alcohol?

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Øyvind, Jun 22, 2014.

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  1. Øyvind

    Øyvind Senior Member

    Any suggestions? I've become dependent on it to feel better, and I don't know if you've heard but alcohol is reheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally expensive in Norway. It doesn't feel right when I don't have something to drink.

    Just thought I'd make a thread, I plan on drinking tomorrow anyways.

    I should edit in something: Alcohol doesn't just make me feel better, it makes me feel "safe". I constantly feel unsafe and "unprotected", like I'm freezing irrespective of the weather, in over my head in this world, and alcohol makes that go away. That is the main reason why I drink
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  2. youRprecious!

    youRprecious! Antiquities Friend

    First thing to do Oyvind is to tell your mind that there IS a way to feel better without alcohol...... until your mind can be friendly to this fact (which needs to present firstly as a suggestion), it won't be friendly to any more advice. But I hope that it is hun for your sake, really, really do :)
  3. Hatshepsut

    Hatshepsut Guest

    I drank for a long time. It had unpredictable results. Often, I felt good, or safe as it were; other times I felt a sense of doom you are likely familiar with. Bread & Beer wheeled me in and out of hospitals and jails. I don't tell anyone to stop or go to AA or whatnot; a person stops eventually, when they are ready. You will know if you become at the time of stopping.

    I do feel better now, without it. So you have a good title. That doesn't mean I feel good, no--I'm still the worthless chunk of pelican the crocodile Sobek waits to snatch in the marshes. But stopping was well worth it.

    Best wishes. I like your persona as it appears online here. I really do hope you find release from the birdnet--you deserve the best in life.

  4. Sparrow91

    Sparrow91 Well-Known Member

    I drink for those reasons too... Sometimes when I lay down outside in the fresh air , especially when it's sunny just listening to birds helps me feel better. I concentrate on all the noises that nature has to offer...
    I don't know about beaches in Norway but they can be helpful too...
    I hope you find something :)
  5. youRprecious!

    youRprecious! Antiquities Friend

  6. ub3

    ub3 Banned Member

  7. illtronic

    illtronic New Member

    its really cheap in the usa, and that itself is a problem. I'm poor as fuck , yet i can still afford 2 dollars for a 40. Its ruining my life, alcohol is a terrible substance to withdraw from. I'm trying to quit but im about 16 drinks a day and its destroying me. Let me know when you find something that works to help you quit. Sorry im of no help but im in the same place
  8. Summit

    Summit Member

    I am same. It makes me feel better--after about 4 beers, then I continue and I feel worse and worse yet in am. I cannot afford it either. GOing through divorce and running out of money. It's the only thing that shuts out the bad feelings--like I said, at FIRST. Maybe if I'd stop after the 4, I could get thru day and feel okay? Don't know-my therapists said I lose ability to REASON I need to stop at that stage BECAUSE I'm feeling good/normal or how I expect normal people feel all day. ANyway, I wish I didn't and I wish you didnt and we found a healthy release. I'm sorry for you and for me to. Many think we DRINK then become depressed. I think it's that we ARE DEPRESSED people and we drink merely to ESCAPE the depression. My take--as screwed up as it sounds. BTW--AA did NOT work for me. I have MUCH to much empathy and I left feeling TERRIBLE for EVERYONE. Can't take on anyone else's problems and damn sure not an entire groups problem.
  9. ub3

    ub3 Banned Member

    Possible solution and alternative to AA search for smart recovery an online support resource providing a vast forum chat room and voice meetings ...In respects to attending meetings and feeling bad for everyone. ..Why feel bad for people who have found a solution to their life theatening problem?As much as they may of been struggling at least they were trying to do the right thing and humble and receptive enougth to know Alcoholism is rarley overcome if one trys to do it there way and on there own... I found when i was ready i mean at the jumping off point! Sick and tired of being sick and tired a terrifying desperation compelled me to humble myself into a state of teachability and greatfully take whatever help was on offer! I became willing to do anything than to continue suffering in silence. ..I hope i haven't come across preachy...Im just passionate when it comes to hearing my people suffering when there is an abundance of help availible. ...I hope you find and connect with the right help for you and that 2015 becomes blessed year for you. Ps sea4ch 4 intherooms
  10. perks16

    perks16 Member

    i have a friend who suffer from alcoholism. at first he didn't notice the effect of alcohol to his body and life but one day when he woke up he realize that his life is already wasted and miserable he don't have family and job anymore. he told us what happen and we manage to ask for help to the specialist and they admit him to Alcohol recovery Services. he still now on his recovery and his family is back to support him. They say that alcohol is great remover and that is true alcohol will make your life miserable. good luck to those who are fighting alcoholism and i hope you find the right help soon.
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  11. afterlifepig

    afterlifepig Well-Known Member

    i had to quit alcohol because of psych meds i'm on

    actually i still drank anyway, tho very infrequently, just didn't take the meds when i planned to drink

    i basically replaced alcohol w/ soda, caffeine pills, coffee, tea ... still drinking stuff

    yesterday was one of the days i planned to drink and after becoming drunk i decided i wanted to kill myself. thankfully i didn't have a rope handy. i forgot about all the reasons why i would not kill myself ... didn't even think of the trauma for my parents to see my corpse hanging in my room. so that's another reason, if u r having problems w/ suicidal ideation, you should probably avoid alcohol
  12. sick2deth

    sick2deth Well-Known Member

    I stopped altogether and it had terrible effects, Wean yourself off slowly until it's manageable. You're body can go into shock and really mess you up if you just quit it. I drank because I had fun at first but that can change in a blink of an eye and I was dependent, Couple that with 20 years of drug abuse on top it's a recipe for disaster. Which it was. I still drink but it's under control which takes some doing, If I walk into a bar it's a struggle not to leave horizontal and you will always want a drink. Inner strength is required and a lot of support and hard work. You can do it though, At least then you can put your life into perspective without the beer goggles on. I've noticed that I tended to make less bad calls in life, They still happen but the frequency is greatly reduced, Which is also a good thing. Once you gain control of drink you have the rest of your life to figure out how to be happy without...Keep on drinking and it'll kill you and never give you the chance!
  13. Matthew123

    Matthew123 Member

    Nice post but i am a little confused. Not being facetious, how is it that you quit drinking but still drink? I only ask because i would love to do the same. Quitting..does not work, Drinking....does not work.
    I have heard for years that IF you are truly a drinker, controling it is not an option. I would love to just have a day here or there to get hammered. However, it never seems to just be be a day or two.
  14. sick2deth

    sick2deth Well-Known Member

    I like drinking but I can't be full time as it was killing me, So it had to be under control. I would drink myself unconscious every day of the week & it was like that for around 15 years, Now I have a few pints with friends every other month. I love Guinness so I couldn't stop completely, I'm only human :) I slip up now and again but I have to be really tough on myself, Self control!
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  15. Matthew123

    Matthew123 Member

    Amazing. I mean this with all sincerity. You have actually solved the drink problem, while continueing to drink. I wish I could get a handle on that. So I take it you are not a subscriber to the whole AA thing ?
  16. sick2deth

    sick2deth Well-Known Member

    No...I am a believe that we should as an individual do all the things we want to do. Providing we don't hurt another person in the process. My life is better in some ways and in others not so, But I'm sill alive, Relatively healthy and at least have options! It can be done but it requires will power and strength and we do have it on tap if we know where to look and it's as simple as rewriting our own thoughts. It's convincing YOURSELF that YOU can make the changes.
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