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how do i fight

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went on coastal walk yesterday and today friend questioned me and said he knew what was in my head. was kinda shunned. shocked how quick emotions kicked in. i really want to throw my self down there...life means noting i just want to die now


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Sometimes when people around us know and see how we are "really" feeling it brings it to face to us. I dont know about you but alot of times, I feel bad and guilty for being depressed, that I bring it on for others.

If your friend said something than they care enough for you to talk about it, can you open up there and tell them whats been going on? Even being able to talk face to face to someone you know about the secrets (depression) youve been keeping helps. It wont be a secret anymore.

I hope tomorrow treats you better than today, Hugs.


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you keep coming here and you keep breathing till its not as uncomfortable and painful to face your thoughts. And you rely on all the people here that have relied on you. *big hug* xx
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